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The Highest Commitment - The Three Major Delusions

The Highest Commitment - ? 

by Moshe Daniel

   The single most important commitment to ever make, and to remain true to in every moment, is knowing and being here for all others, and therefore, understanding it?s not all about you. Your dharma, your highest calling, is to always think of others ? how can I help this person? What kindness can I impart upon them? How can I be there for them, to encourage them to feel good in their life, about themselves, about their life in general? That is the most high way to be, and when I say most high way, I mean the best way to be who you really are. Because who you really are, above and beyond all things, is LOVE and isn?t it quite loving to give to others, to make sure they are doing well in their life?


   How do you give without it being selfish? Without it being for you? Meaning ? now that we know it is so wonderful to give, how do we avoid the trap of doing it because we know it is special and important, rather than actually doing it because it is who we are, in our true nature?


   The simplest way to do it is to just want it for them, not for you. You don?t give so that you?ll make someone happy which will make you think you?re a good person. When you are connected to the person with your heart, you?re being there for them. You actually honestly and integrally want it for them and there is no effort in the giving, because it flows naturally from you to them. So connection to the person, thinking of them, is important.


   Another way that will keep us real and help us avoid doing just because we know it is good to give to others, is to remain balanced and to know when it is time to say ?No.? When do you say ?No? to someone if they ask you for help or for something in particular? After all, our truest nature is to give and be there for others, so when is it time to say no? (this is very important for many of us, as we can often get a little Nabulous (cloudy in New Age Bull*&%$))

This is a balance that one must find on their own. Ironically, it has to do with being true to yourself. Here is where Free Will comes into place. We all have choice. We are coming to the point in time where our planet is close enough so that we all will see the Light and know that Love is the only Truth that really matters. But until then, we all still have the ability to choose between Love and Fear. Being True to yourself means living life according to what you Love and to what you feel to be Good. If someone asks for help, or needs help to live their life in fear, that is often a good time to say No. You can help someone create their fears, but be aware that you?re doing it. Sometimes, it is necessary to be there for someone in their fears, so that they?ll lighten up seeing that someone is there for them, and ultimately be able to let go of whatever fear they?re still holding on to. Otherwise, saying No to someone when they ask you for help or support in their fears is the best thing you can do for them. It is the most loving way to be for them.


   You can also say ?No? when someone expects you to give. They have come to take you for granted, they have no gratitude, they expect it to happen, they believe that you ?should.? This is a good time to say No. It?s good for you and for them in such a case.


   Also, if you are asked to do something that you do not believe in or support, then that's also a pretty good time to say No. A simple example of this is if someone asks you for help setting up for a demonstration favoring war, and you don?t believe in the war cause. So you say no.


   The most important factor in any of this ?when to say No business? is to trust the feeling of your heart. If something feels wrong about giving, then don?t do it. Saying no keeps you real, so that you don?t become unbalanced positive and do things because it is right to do it, rather than do them because you recognize the Truth ? that all people who frequent your life are a reflection of yourself. By giving to them, you are giving to yourself.


   A person living by a life of giving is completely fulfilled. They are filled, satiated, fed, and happy. The reason for this is somewhat painted in Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. If you give, it means that you have something to give, otherwise how could you give? You are living by the reality that you have stuff. You are a ?haver.? The having is not of a material nature, it is the Haver of divine energy, although giving materially is also nice. If you only take, and your habit is to live in the world where everything revolves around you, then you have nothing demonstrated by the need to take all the time.


   This is the Universal Law of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, carried out in the world. Really it is saying that whatever you do with others is a reflection of yourself. And who you are is continually reflected back to you. If you are a person who gives out of the kindness of your heart, then you are a kind-hearted giving person and you will be kindly given to by other heart-centered people. As you do, so will it be done to you. As you believe, so will you see the world and so will the world be with you.


   That is why our world is so amazingly served when everyone thinks about everyone else. ?You see yourself in the other?s shoes.? This way, we live in a world of abundance. Miracles will begin to occur. The competitive energies of greed on our planet that run solely to serve the individual entity will be replaced by the energies of mutual support, and sharing. Concepts like ?Pay it Forward? as seen in the movie Pay it Forward exemplify the understanding that in a world where we pay forward our giving to all people, then we have abundance. What goes around, comes around. I have begun to create a business that exemplifies this commitment to a world of abundance and universal sharing this as well: A Universal business that is based in the very idea of creating a community of people where everyone supports everyone else, for the good of the whole. It is not built upon a foundation of competition, nor for serving the self. It is called the Collective Co-op. The Collective Co-op's website is not officially ready, but if you'd like to begin reading about it - please do so - http://www.collectivecoop.com/. It's brand new, so your feedback is appreciated.


   In conclusion: To live with love in your heart for the people in your life is divine. Seeing where others are at is the important aspect. It is not necessary to always think of it as giving, but rather as being connected to where that other person is and wishing the best for them. Listening, kindness, sharing, and caring for others is being in the zone. When you commit yourself to this, when you are able to slip into that sweet zone where this is not an effort, but a being, a surrender, then you have taken the highest commitment. (And by the way, it means ALL people in your life, especially the tough ones that trigger you all the time. They?re your best friends.)


   This highest commitment is shared in the Eighth Circle at thelastfourbooks.com, and is also shared in the 7th CaN of the Fourth Circle. Thus we see the interconnectedness of the Fourth and Eighth Circles.

Love and Light,

Moshe Daniel



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