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Powerful Kabbalah meditations. Gripping, simple, profound style of writing. This book reveals important truths for our time!

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Moshe Daniel shares the secrets of the Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge of Kabbalah like you've never seen before!.

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Kabbalah Book 1 of The Last Four Books of Moses

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Have you been looking for answers about the nature of the world and your soul's purpose? Are you seeking a way to explain the troubled state of the world and feel better about the times we are in? This book of Kabbalah brings you a perspective on reality that is life changing, profound, and very healing. Unlike many other Kabbalah books that hint at the truth, or that only throw crumbs without revealing much, this Kabbalah book actually does not hold back to help you, the reader, answer the questions you've been asking about life, about unlocking the power of the human mind and heart, and about understanding some of the profound mysteries of Creation.

From reading this book on Kabbalah, you will experience a shift within yourself that will help you be truer to yourself, know who you are, and be strong and balanced in the world.

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Moshe Daniel, naturopathic doctor and homeopathic master clinician, writes beautifully and with a heart full of love. He began understanding the mysteries of Kabbalah when he was 13, and has continued to develop and broaden his knowledge on Kabbalah. Now he shares this profound knowledge and deep mysteries of Kabbalah in a way that is down to Earth and that everyone can grasp and use for their daily lives. It has been prophecied for thousands of years that in the End Times, the floodgates of knowledge would open up. Not every book shares the deepest messages, the most important teachings for our time, but this book on Kabbalah does, because the author, Moshe Daniel, is devoted to healing the world, unlocking people's potentials and knows that we're all in this together. He wants you, the reader, to get the most out of your life and to be inspired to live as closely to your core, your roots, and to the truth of who you are. This book will help you do it.

This book on Kabbalah is filled with Powerful Healing Meditations, Practical Exercises, Many Coloured Illustrations, End of Chapter Summaries and "Essence of the Chapter," so you, the reader, know the most important points to take home and apply in your daily life.