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"Writing with chutzpah and brazenness so reminiscent of his prophetic ancestors, Dr. Moshe challenges us to re-examine our patterns and stirs us toward self-clarity. I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ANYONE who feels ready to defy the linear way to which we have become so accustomed, and embrace instead the non-linear way that we have long ago lost to centuries of exilic acculturation.” —Rabbi Gershon Winkler, author, Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism

 “I loved Moshe Daniel’s take on the origins of belief systems and how to let them go. This book is an inspiration.” —Barry Neil Kaufman, best-selling author, Happiness is a Choice, Son Rise

 “MOSHE GETS TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER. He calls on people of all faiths, and especially Jews, to renew their beliefs by returning to the source of their great traditions. This book calls into question the limits of scriptures and points to new possible horizons.” —John Bell, former Canadian and UN diplomat, writer on Middle East issues

"I've read many books but I've never felt a book. This book breathes. Through Moshe's book, the reconnection I feel is so profound and solid. I remember what I knew in the moments of my birth.  It's so wonderful to know that what I feel about Love is real." —Francyne Poirier, Healer, Montreal, Canada 

“Moshe Daniel has a remarkable way of explaining complex and subtle concepts in a clear and concise way. The book WILL HAVE MANY REEXAMINING THEIR ENTIRE VIEW OF REALITY.” — Father James Sheehan, author, The Father Who Didn't Know My Name

“EARTH SHAKING! He has made this total skeptic into a believer. Moshe Daniel explains how to be faithful and true to God without resorting to dogma and without compromising one's own sense of personal freedom. I have finally found what I have been looking for.” — Billie Marie Zal, author, The Fabric of our Lives

“IMPRESSIVE. INSPIRED. INSIGHTFUL. Truly life-changing.” — Rev. Basil Sharp, author, The Adventure of Being Human

“The book and Web site are among the most beautiful things I have ever discovered.” —Gary Anderson, Syndicated Columnist

“A GROUND-BREAKING APPROACH to dealing with the social ills that we have had little success in healing. THE BOOK IS EXCELLENT —a cornerstone for the religious, a buttress for the unchurched, and a map to the Promised Land for those living without direction or purpose.” —Walter Williams, author, Love Without Limits

“A prescription for life which addresses the real problems facing humanity, not only the symptoms. A GORGEOUS MESSAGE FOR OUR MODERN CIVILIZATION.” — Dr. Glenda Gnade, author, Return to Paradise in New Heights of Glory

“BRILLIANT. Philosophies and religious beliefs never before considered. ENLIGHTENING and timely: spirituality without doctrine; an intellectual achievement without being pedantic; a message that can be embraced by everyone—even those outside the traditional religious area.” —Eldon Thomas, author, Table For Three

“Societies the world over have failed to provide people with spiritual and emotional sustenance. The Last Four Books of Moses SHOWS YOU HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE and experience stunning insights AND pivotal truths about your existence.” —Richard Staley, author, Last Kiss