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Then The Last Four Books of Moses is a must read!

Kabbalah of Being Here Reveals The Whole Story of Torah

This is the Kabbalah of Being and has not been spoken for a long time.

Key Points: The Last Four Books of Moses

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  • Offers spiritual direction.
  • Teaches you to become one with the Will of God as Moses was.
  • Demonstrates how to let go of Free Will and how your life is freed from all fear and illness when you do so.
  • Discusses how the aura colours and the chakras function in our present reality of duality compared with how they function in The Garden of Eden.
  • Clarifies the purpose of creation and the crucial role humankind has played.
  • Shows that the Garden of Eden is a state of being that we are approaching.
  • Divulges how to cross the threshold between duality and oneness that stands between you and everlasting joy and peace.
  • Illuminates the truth about Creation, Noahs Ark, Atlantis, and the Garden of Eden.

Reading the book can help you to:


  • Dispel the fears associated with letting go of ALL control.

  • Understand how you can bring about the Return to Eden and the Messianic Age.

  • Harness the power of female energy, bring balance between the male and female within you, and come to peace with yourself and your love relationships.

  • Learn many neologisms depicting new concepts such as allowishing, Ganallisone, Frmee Will, Nabulous, and many Hebrew terms.

  • Understand how the human brain creates a reality that is a reverse/mirror image illusion of the way things truly are.

  • ... And it's filled with colorful pictures, new age art, and tree of life graphics to provide you with a fuller understanding of the concepts of the book.



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