Guided by Dreams

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Poetry of The Last Four Books of Moses - by Moshe Daniel

Dedication - Guided by Dreams - Around Back Goes the Bend - BIG Z.D. - Abraham's Sons - LV2 - LV3

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Guided by Dreams

The first time when you fell
Or were hurt and not well,
It punched then a hole,
In the One in your soul,
Then a leak-in started to swell.

This leak grew 'til it got big,
So large 'bout the time you're a kid,
In the teens of your days,
It's ego-time ways,
To fight and rebel and to rid.

And what didn't agree,
Since you were free guiltily,
You let it go,
Away it could so,
And lost sight of the thought of that Be.

And chose other means,
Guided always by dreams,
Did you know it that when
It's AllGood in the end,
Come true the wishes in streams?

Free I become as I see
Not a thing comes around forced by me,
It is all by the hands,
From the Ones in the Stands,
Quai sera quai sera, 'kay siree?

Holy weird, this is strange, guess I'm blocked
Yes you are in your head are the rocks,
That you drag here and there,
Building strength from weight-bear,
Let go of ego's thoughts it is boss.

The eyes close of the mind in your head,
It's not real, you look there in dread,
Started it in the past,
When it feared the same blast,
Punched again but deader than dead.

Your fancies you had since a child,
Though some of them perhaps real wild,
Your mind doesn't bring to you
what you want, it brings to you
what you are is what you dreamt the whole while.



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