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Poetry of The Last Four Books of Moses - by Moshe Daniel

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Around Back Goes the Bend

Imagine a time, in a quieter place,
The King and the Ace,
The Queen and the Fool,
You're the hand and the tool, isn't that cool?
You are the eyes of the Gods,
Who needed a lens,
So they placed you within,
Their story - the tale,
The land with no end,
Is the one just beyond,
But inside this den,
There's only one end,
That bends at the start,
And mends once it wakes,
Unto Ra Ra Time,
And through his shiny tear,
Horus is seer,
The Son of Man the Earth
Womanson's the Birth.
That is beyond Frmee will,
That is beyond desire,
For the genes from the One,
That is always the Higher,
There isn't a father?
So from where did he come?
We thought Athena
From Zeus' head sprung,
But reverse it would be,
Where we can really see.
The heart is the head of the Mom.
Leda and the Swan,
Is Eva and adama,
For the man from the sky chose a mate,
a somewhat untimely fate,
It was just that he wanted a date,
Sad he was so he could not just wait.

Sons of Gods came to earth so to see,
How it was there in sight heavenly
For in there IS couldn't feel,
But they knew what was real,
It was all what they wished they could be

Many sons there were at that time,
And that fell so they started a rhyme,
Within reason they chose,
Gotta know and who knows?
Goodbye my sweet love sublime

That woman they chose for star ride,
Stayed in seas and never she died,
Cause the earth was the home,
For men made to roam,
Forever seeking their sweet love bride.

We believe all along in the mind,
We must rush before closing time,
But it is when it is,
And God bless it that "tis
There's not a thing passed the rhyme that's a mime

It's time is like stuck in backward
And exists as a left book's forward,
And when it comes to the end,
Around back goes the bend,
Spun the blade of the ever-turn sword

To us it feels like a void,
So we've been told but really half toyed,
It's the heavenly land
It's the gem to our sand
Yet before it is true they were boi'd,

They could only know what it was that they were,
But they wanted the feeling for sure,
What does it feel like a thought?
Or the word after brought?
It's in where you're Be and the Bean and the Beer.

Thus the void, ok fine, it was that,
When alone the Goddess sat back,
And said to her self,
It is time and so fell,
Or dropped a lad out the hole in her sack

There is a strange thing in a joke,
That has truth tied up in its yolk,
For a man will try hard,
To fill holes with his ssshard
Wish back in Ma's Well he could soak.



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