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Kabbalah Poetry

Understand how to let go of Free Will and how your life is freed from all fear and illness when you do so.

Poetry of The Last Four Books of Moses - by Moshe Daniel

Dedication - Guided by Dreams - Around Back Goes the Bend - BIG Bro  - Abraham's Sons - LV2 - LV3

Ultimate Frisbee Song


Big Bro is He


Where you’re deep down in the water,

Time isn’t time, it’s peace,

Light isn’t as wide, its fast

No wolves upon no fleece.

Wild angelic enchantments

and magical faerie rides,

Down here in the waters,

High up with the Daughter’s,

And steeds and Deeds and Love again,

That makes our hearts burst in us,

Thank you Earth where I was

This day when we wake to see Truth again,

Wakes our eyes wide - shut up there,

In the air where it is bare,

There eyes closed to reality,

Asleep in a world that’s air

The place no heart has known before,

Or experienced as reality,

My mind IS really my body,

Like science IS spirituality

For the body is the Being,

That the heart wishes to be,

And won’t it bring on quite a smile

When I see my heart IS me?

And where is the mind in that?

What is it? Huh? What do you speak?

You complicate things defiantly

For the mind is into it, see?

So enchanting is this world inside,

You can only imagine it,

Fairies and pixies and sprities,

With tiny winged bodies,

That sing and sing like birds with joy,

Yet in a totally different song,

That can really lure the sailor,

Out on a journey long

As the Leonard priest has told us,

Only drowning men can see,

He that walked on water

From the sea can set them free,

For only those that take the dive,

Finally catch the glimpse,

The wisdom drowned and we are slaves,

‘Til again rocked in his limbs.

Why don’t we speak his name?

Aren’t we strange to write J.C.?

Have we forgotten the home from where we came?

And there Big Bro is he.

So we’ve always had to be,

Forty, married and with penee,

Or fear did we it’s power strong?

Scared in our right and wrong

And see us the Light with which She sees

Afraid to be small next to her ease?

The lure was not for her at all,

So why keep it all away?

From the XX land, whose quiet voice

Has stayed in what we say.

Glory to watch it rise again,

In Love may we stand beside?

Hear the sounds of sirens again,

Catch a star and take a ride.

Even though the sound’s so strong

There’s quiet when it’s heard,

And you’re no longer broken-winged,

You’re a swimming with the herd.

With them all about you,

You send your thoughts about you,

Cause you can see them travel,

Along the wires of your mind,

Cut a long time ago,

So you could forget your time.

That time before the beginning,

before the other rhyme,

Now harder and faster and rainier,

But what is really rain?

So you might feel what you’re not,

Life is hard and pain.

It deals deeds not loveable,

It is out of control,

So destined to be until the time,

when it’s steps out of the rhyme

With reason we call it from these depths,

Everything really matters,

And labor you to take your breath,

Or walk through you the door of death.

Hear at last the shocking word,

The heart breaks one time more,

And mends where once was tore,

Lift up your eyes, feel what’s in store

As struggle will be done,

Finally I see just who I AM,

The Many and The One.


Contents Copyright © 2003-2010  Moshe Daniel Block, N.D.

All rights reserved.