Abraham's Sons - Ishmael and Israel

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Poetry of The Last Four Books of Moses

- by Moshe Daniel

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Abraham's Sons

Here, in this place, you feel all around,
The truth in a song, in the light and the sound,
For the truth is the love, it is Hoova the Father,
Who's the same as the Son when you include the Mother,
So it is true, say, that Love is most High,
For it is One with the Son who is linked with the Mom
Yet part of the game - separation came,
When they started to say
That Our Lord is our God our Lord is the One,
For others then thought, that the gods that they loved,
Weren't as high and lesser they thought,
And others' pride, made them try,
To worship their gods and put them on high,
But they just couldn't do it, part of the Law,
And all misunderstood, if they started to fight,
For who was in wrong and who was in right,
For the message of Love, and the song of the dove,
Is that all is in pain when things placed above
And so true it is, in the words that they say,
That the Love is the tops, and the truth and the way,
But an error would be, to say to your brother,
That the god that he loves can be lesser or other
So put yourself up and to slaughter you'd be
There's a lack of communication
That they just wouldn't see.
And you stopped explaining,
for fear they don't see.
Oh brothers forgive! Forgive us, can we?


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