LV2 - Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Kabbalah Poem

Kabbalah Poetry

Harness the power of female energy; bring balance between the male and female within you, and come to peace with yourself and your love relationships.

Poetry of The Last Four Books of Moses

- by Moshe Daniel

Dedication - Guided by Dreams - Around Back Goes the Bend -

BIG Z.D. - Abraham's Sons - LV2 - LV3

Ultimate Frisbee Song




Out from centre flows
down the yin to the toes,
and fingers out - up back in yang,
It is a reflection all kept in,
Not a split and a flip and a sin,
So the choice is yours,
Really it is yours,
Would really you stay
In the false dimming ray?
And so you choose,
Won't you give it up?
When see you the truth - you're free,
And with the joy of your heart,
In the palm of your hand,
lifted straight up, let the dove fly above.
And into the centre implodes,
In the world where it's air,
Makes the switch through the hole,
To the World without care
Care as in worry, now with it the choice,
It's mind is its own, the heart is the will,
The mind just carries it out,
Because on the link with the faith,
It simply can't fail,
For goodbye it said to doubt
The mind like a sail,
The heart out does blow,
And the vessel does go,
Down the stream like a dream,
Cause the mind caught the vibes - knew it so.

What a task we chose, likely most tough,
with the nicest gift when we're out from the rough,
For those that go deep, in the mire of fire,
Will have such pains and lack the joy
Til again they can lift
And live without desire
Then and there to hear the crystalline choir
As in the love of life - it is only in half bad,
As all that is split, in the pit it is it,
The true and the false from the flip
Bad would be in need, but let go of the guilt,
Cause it will keep you tied to wishing from the hilt
And out your eyes you'd shoot,
The love of the act for the hoot,
And the star ride so rare,
that the love in a pair,
Can provide is lost in the air
And because of the hole in your core,
And because of the soul that is tore,
A part of her you need
Below is empty and sore.
To feel nice and at peace,
The wolf leaves the fleece,
And so you'll see in true,
That the rift gets more if you think,
That she's your gift to dink,
This came through the drain in the sink



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