LV3 - Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Kabbalah Poem

Kabbalah Poetry

Harness the power of female energy; bring balance between the male and female within you, and come to peace with yourself and your love relationships.

Poetry of The Last Four Books of Moses

- by Moshe Daniel

Dedication - Guided by Dreams - Around Back Goes the Bend -

BIG Z.D. - Abraham's Sons - LV2 - LV3

Ultimate Frisbee Song




So let that part a splatter
And see that it rocks and quivers,
Although we’ve called it wood,
It’s the thing that really slithers
The mind of the bad and the good.
That which does divide,
And gives the snake the Qi,
For the snake is that which lies
Outside of man’s body.
Onto the head and down the sides
With channels go,
To the mind down below.

The World where he is
It is the Y, it is the why?
The aleph with root ripped off,
only a half,
Seem might it strange
but when you are double,
The sides turn in,
And thus only a part
do you get of your world,
The others are lost,
the other locked in.

The heart has a hole
When there’s two and not one,

So drained it is, to keep it apart,
it would love to give in and have it all one,
Yet draws it all in,
Cause forced in its shame,
holding onto the sin
To take and to take
so empty the bin.
For me ain’t its mind,
nor Frmee is its will,
To give it all out,
not expect in the least,
The smallest come back,
What it gave from the source,
that takes as it gives,
is its true Love and is what it is.

When it won’t allow,
The water will freeze up,
And hold the kidney Yin,
And stop the heaven’s Gin
And then on comes the fear,
With ice it’s never clear
And pull back across the ridge,
The earth to hold it back,
And keep it like a slave,
The empty land depraved,
And on comes the worry
And then of course the hurry
The air gets a slap in the face,
Cause it has lost control,
The fire has lost its flair,
And we have lost the dare,
Cause greed will lead to shame,
In the mind guilt is the same

So when will it let out?
And let go of the doubt,
Which clouds the eyes their bright
That foggens the clues,
Takes away most hues
Makes it black and white.

The neck is the bridge his patrol
The throat is the site there’s a hold,
That he says yes or no to,
Lets not pass or go to,
On the bridge lurks the sour con troll.

The kidney when blocked feels the fear,
But why does it do so, it’s queer?
When gallbladder’s low
Courage out windows go,
GB is the head of the spear

In detoxing herbs give it a bath,
It’s so simple so go do the math
If the serpent’s the boot,
In all maladies’ root,
Long ago solved the wise naturopath.



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