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Interested in Kabbalah books that can help you achieve your absolute true and free nature? Heal Yourself? Remove limitations on your mind and body?

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Discover never-before revealed Kabbalah truths and mysteries, outside of the box of traditional Kabbalah, received for this day and age, to release humanity, liberate women and men, and bring universal healing and harmony.

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Then The Last Four Books of Moses is a must read!

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Kabbalah of Being Here

The End-Time Kabbalah by Moshe Daniel, ND Reveals The Whole Story of Creation, Torah, The Purpose of Planet Earth and Duality, and how to Return to the Garden of Eden


The Last Four Books of Moses

This is the End-Time Kabbalah and has not been spoken for a long time.

The revelation of this End-Time Kabbalah honours the fact that we all have the Universal Truth inside of us, and sets Love as most high.

What sort of Kabbalah, what prophecies and mysteries of Moses and Ancient Egypt are revealed here?

This is the Kabbalah of Being and speaks of an ancient truth returning which we can all feel happening. It is a Kabbalah which has not been spoken for a long time.

Why has it not been spoken?

This Kabbalah speaks of a truth which is free to be experienced and aligned with Universal Law. The traditional Kabbalah that has been taught for a long time has been bound to speak of truth as it is within the Law of Torah, the first five books of Moses, and as it has been restricted from women and from unmarried men younger than 40. The Kabbalah associated with Torah, has Law that is Universal and some that is not. There are abundant great lessons in the Kabbalah taught that has been limited by the law in the Torah, and also, some of the Kabbalah is not conveyed accurately, nor representing the true freedom of Being. For instance, free Kabbalah, being shared here, explains how the Source is truly the female, and the vessel and that which carries out the source is really the male. This creates abundance of joy and being and is opposite from the way in which it is taught traditionally. How can you study Kabbalah in this backward way? Well, you will miss the whole essence.

The true Kabbalah is free. These books and this work is The Last Four Books of Moses bringing the awareness to unravel the Law of Torah, and thus "Heal the Five, and Complete the Circle of the Nine." (Did you know that nine is the number of completion?)

Based on visions and revelations he received about the free Kabbalah, direct from Shekinah, The Holy Spirit, Moshe (Moses) Daniel reveals the knowledge of these unique "Mysteries of Freedom and Healing." These miraculous Kabbalah truths that have been waiting to be revealed for ages, are finally unveiled in this extraordinary work, The Last Four Books of Moses.

Also shared in this work, by Moshe Daniel, ND, is how to plug in and find balance, so that the male and female are returned to oneness and joy is felt in Being. Please read on to find out more about this Kabbalah and see more about the books, video, and audio CD. Please also read about Every Nation Land, The Circle of Nine and The Collective Co-op.        

     Read the Rave Reviews of Book 1


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