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Tips, Tricks and Suggestions
"Always check in now and then on your old Circles for reminders and to see if there are any changes or updates." -Moshe Daniel


"Don't rush through the Circles. Spend enough time with the CaNs of each circle until you feel them integrated into your being." -Moshe Daniel


"Don't add your name to the list of another circle until you have incorporated into your beingness the circle's CaNs that you are working on. In other words, not until you feel it is part of your first nature, it is natural, it is effortless, will you move on to work with the next circle." -Moshe Daniel


"The truth always applies that you don't have to ever be perfect to move on. And always remember to not judge what you are releasing. It's okay to feel the jealousy, the fears, the doubts. A big part of letting go is allowing yourself to feel as you move into a space beyond the limitations." -Moshe Daniel


"When it is time to enter the next circle, the issues pertaining to that circle will begin to rise up for you to heal. When I entered the third circle, for instance, there were so many amazing lessons and healing that I experienced surrounding the issues of the Third Circle. When I had been in the Third Circle for a while and I was passing the challenges by choosing my true nature, then the issues of the Fourth Circle started to rise up. I was getting stuck in the Fourth Circle issues. That's when I knew it was time to enter the Fourth Circle. It is quite amazing how this works." : ) -Moshe Daniel


"Look at the other Circle's CaNs and familiarize yourself with them. You can begin living by them right away even if your zero point is set to a lower circle. This is especially good for the 8th Circle." -Moshe Daniel


"Remember that the Circles are simply helping you be yourself! So be yourself, don't get wrapped up in a mission that takes you outside of yourself." -Moshe Daniel


"Yes, there is responsibility in entering the Circle of Nine, especially if you haven't been living toward creating the life you have always dreamed of. The responsibility is being true to yourself, so in a very short amount of time, when you begin living by the CaNs of the different circles, you see the responsibility is not a burden, it is a joy." -Moshe Daniel


"The principles of each Circle will deepen and become clearer to you as you work through them. As you integrate each CAN more and more, you will gain new perspective." -Moshe Daniel


"Always remember that 'Everything in the Universe that feels judged must prove it is worthy of existence.' So don't judge the thing you are letting go of. Face it. See that it is there. Feel it and let it clear itself through that process, not through the process of severing it from you or denying it is there. That is judgment-based" -Moshe Daniel


"Always, always remember, you can ask others for help. This is not a competition. We of the Circle of Nine have awe for every person wherever they are, even if they are not part of any circle. If this becomes an elitist thing, we are missing the point. That is not the purpose or the essence, and those who feel like they are more special or better than another because they have achieved a deeper circle are missing the point about this whole thing. Besides, the CaNs that you will align yourself with are not all very easy. When I see that, there is no way I can have the elitist feeling." -Moshe Daniel


"We of The Circle of Nine acknowledge that we are doing our best, yet we are not trying to be perfect. Therefore, if an issue should come up in our lives, we can remind each other of the ways in which we are not living by one of these principles that we have agreed to live by. We appreciate the reminder, as a realignment of ourselves back with our true nature. Since you will notice that many of these principles involve the release of the need to always be right and the need to be number one, being a part of the different Circles, you can welcome being reminded, because you are not trying to be perfect. You are simply aligning yourself with a way of being that is bringing you back to your long lost home." -Moshe Daniel
"Don't push the Circles on anybody. Just live by them yourself and share openly with anyone who asks. This will help more people become attracted to it than if you attempt to make them do it. The Circle of Nine is not a cult, nor will it ever escalate into anything resembling that. It is not an elitist movement, nor a religion." -Moshe Daniel


"Be brave when you tell people what you are doing with the Circle of Nine. Even more importantly, don't worry about what they think about the Circles. If you feel good about what you're doing, don't worry about others' reactions. Don't take on their fears and judgments if they don't understand. If you feel good about it and you don't force it on anybody, you will be surprised how people react. People that you never imagined being interest will show interest." -Moshe Daniel


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