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Cut out of Preface

This book also has messages directed toward religious Jews. Since the Torah acts as the foundation also in Christianity and Islam, religious Christians and Muslims can also benefit from reading this book. Moses’ messages do not try to change the essence behind religion. That is, and always will be, the essence of who we are and what we strive for. There is such beauty and honor in the way a religious person’s life is devoted to the service of God. In fact, dedication to God is the most sacred way of being that a human can ever choose. The dedication and commitment that religious Jews have had to the Torah – the five books of Moses – for over three thousand years, is truly exceptional. Yet the service to the Torah and the Law of Moses is not the highest calling of the Jew. Therefore, this book calls into question certain Jewish belief systems and traditions that stem not from the Will of the Creator but from human-made conceptions. These conceptions then became incorporated into the tradition of religion and mistakenly believed to be part of the Will of God.

These new messages of Moses explain that the next phase of our souls’ service to God’s Will involves moving beyond any law-based system to embrace a level of service far more powerful and effective than a confined, limiting structure. The liberation of healing energy that will come from the Jewish people freeing themselves from past attachment and belief systems is beyond words and is necessary at this time. Energy is also liberated when any person releases rational belief systems, which he or she felt the need to maintain just like laws. These, too, must be released to lift the veil and remember that God’s Will is carried out naturally, in the simplicity of being who we were created to be.

Pre-Author’s Address Cut out

It is with great gratitude that I write these words of introduction to Book 1 and Book 2 of The Last Four Books of Moses. It has been both a great struggle and joy to write these books. A joy because the information they contain speaks of the fulfillment of a deepest wish that we have held within for millennia. It has been a deep struggle because of the charged nature of some of the messages within the books and my internal battle about how they should be expressed; ‘Should I write like that? Should I say it at all?’ I have decided to say it exactly as I began to receive the messages, clear and uncut, instead of beating around the bush and being overly polite to attempt to soften the immense importance and gravity of some of the messages. The gratitude I feel is due to the newfound freedom I feel to simply say it like it is, knowing that it will all be ok. The gratitude is also for you, dear reader, because without you, these words would be like the sound of a tree falling in the forest.

I understand the kind of reactions that the title of these books can elicit. I am not the Moshe (Moses) that existed over three thousand years ago. Today, there are thousands and thousands of Moshes and I am no different than any of them in the potential of my soul. These books are not about me, and that is why I have been told to title them as I have. However, I have been in contact with Moshe and he’s been sharing some very special and very important things with me. I hope you will get as much out of them as I have.

Please do not compare these books with the first Five Books of Moses (The Torah). The Torah was written thousands of years ago in ancient Hebrew and during very different times. It is filled with wondrous passages and hidden secrets. There are codes within it that reveal things about its complexity and mysticism that are difficult for a human mind to comprehend. There is nothing of the sort in these books, nor is it the same Moshe as it was over three thousand years ago. How could it be? The purpose of the Last Four Books is to clarify some Truths through Kabalistic philosophy in the simplest manner possible so that all people can understand, using the model of Adam and Eve that the first five books laid down. The ultimate purpose is for healing and the return to Eden.

Cut out from Introduction

A great power of transformation will begin to erupt when individuals stop worrying about themselves and groups, like organizations and nations, stop being concerned only for their own people. This “self-worry” is understandable, because you can really feel threatened when you are out in the world in the absolute sense of the being yourself. Yet, withholding your true nature and calling leads us to confusion, self-doubt, and self-punishment. For those who have wished to serve God and the goodness of all people, but haven’t allowed themselves total freedom, such withholding closes off the heart and causes an individual or people to withdraw from the world.

Being a Messiah does not mean trying to be a martyr, although we do confuse the two when our true natures become trapped inside. A Messianic being is one who is truly made to heal the planet and who does so for the good of all. Messianic beings dedicate themselves fully to the task of helping others and are no longer confused or worried about their own healing, their own self, or the state of their people.

Another Cut out from the Introduction

My name is Daniel. I was born with the Hebrew name Moshe Daniel - kthbs van. My deepest wish and a dream that I have always had is to be a healer to help rekindle joy and love in people’s hearts. A few years ago, something happened to me that made my life change forever, for I had been asking for a way to help my people and all people. I began to receive information through my Higher Self from Moshe about the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the Kabbala, who we are and what our purpose is here on earth in this physical reality. From that point onward, I have seen a way that can help us all come back into eternal peace together. I am not a Torah scholar, nor have I studied much of what we have written about Kabbala. Yet I have been shown the important significance of certain portions and writings of the Old Testament and many Kabalistic principles in order to be able to communicate the model of healing that is so important for our evolution toward our most incredible wishes.

Just over 5 years ago, I became quite sick with a rare autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. It affects various muscles of the body, causing weakness and paralysis. This disease has been my tutor, for within it, I have come to face all the negativities within me. The disease has shown me so many things. It has shown me that resistance to feelings of pain and sorrow is what causes disease, not the pain and sorrow itself. It has shown me that trying to prove myself only increases the insecure spaces within and just being myself, I’ll have all the Love I could ever ask for. All of the negativities that I have written about in this book, I have felt in one way or another. So I was able to experience it first hand by being it, seeing how yucky it is to live that way, and then how wonderful it is to let it go. Having experienced it all in this way, I now have no doubt about what it is that I truly love to be.

I also know that I became sick to learn about the many weaknesses, fears and other negativities that we as a people have carried within us, so that I could understand them and learn how to heal them. I have often been amazed at the issues that continued to rise up. They felt so deep and ancient, and it seemed to me as if I carried around all of the burdens and issues of my people, and as if I was learning to release these patterns that have been around since the time of the ‘original sin’ itself. What I feel now is that many of these patterns I personally faced are really for all of us, for each and every one of us carries within us collective patterns of resistance and fear that we will have to face if we are again to touch our true nature. Those who wish to bring about the Messianic Age and the Garden of Eden once more will also face these patterns of negativity that date back to the beginning of Time as we know it.

There is truly an amazing thing within the healing of homeopathy and naturopathic medicine that teaches to treat each person as an individual. I learned and grew greatly from learning about these medicines through my studies of homeopathy and naturopathic medicine. What has made my task a little different is that I wanted to find a pattern that fit all people, which made people think and fear in the same way. When one digs deep enough, these are the negative patterns that we hold collectively within our genetics. These patterns of fear and negativity that are common to all people are what interested me to find a way to heal, for there is no doubt that what is to come to be is a great return to a collective consciousness of peace and harmony. To get to that place, there are some very important things for us to face, to evoke the powers that lie within us, hibernating, growing, ripening, and metamorphosing, until it sets free the winged creature that wakens within.


I have said that these books are for all people, and that remains true. Yet the purpose behind writing these books and the style they have been written in is specifically to reach the Hebrews of the planet, which includes Jewish people, people who have the Hebrew genetics yet are not themselves Jewish, and many people who feel the calling within to help heal and save the planet (Healers). The power of the Hebrew genetics is beyond words as they are liberated from the shackles of the past. To bring the Planet into the Messianic Age, the power within the Hebrews must be freed, for it is now stuck and also represents the gate, the lock and the key of our global consciousness. Through the years to come, the task of the Hebrew will be one of great challenge and will require dedication above and beyond what we ever imagined. There will be many trials as you go through the layers of fear-based consciousness within your genetics that have become like layers of sedimentation in the earth. These books will help you on your journey to your zero point; the core of your true nature beyond all limitations.


Beginning of Old Intro


The Messiah is here. It is the return to our origins, now with much more. It is only for us to step through the doors.

This Messiah is not one who will come on a donkey and vanquish enemies, but is like the air that we all breath, in all nations, in all people. It is awakening first in some, then in many, then in all. It colors our eyes with pastel-like lights to see that there are no enemies, just things we believe we must defend against. It enlightens us to remember that everything we wish for and seek is Peace.

This Messiah, the ultimate teacher, works somewhat differently from a classroom teacher, for it peels away all that we have learned and held onto through the centuries to help us survive through hardship and oppression. Unlike a teacher outside, it reveals to us how we already have access to all knowledge that is, without the use of books or lessons external to us. Heed it as it shows you the way to absolute joy. Relax as it empowers you to release the way of suffering and survival as the basis of your reality. Listen as it awakens you to the freedom of being that will heal all your wounds.

This Messiah is a sea, a wave carrying you back to a place where you see that everything you truly are, is everything you have wished to be. It is taking you back, away from all that you try to do to avoid being who you really are. The Messiah is the return to Eden.

Eden is a state of AllGood, not a place outside of the one you’re in, but a state of consciousness revealing to you in every moment the unconditional perfection of who you are, where you are, when you are. It is an energy so divine that ecstasy becomes your permanent reality as you surrender to it. And surrender we must, for it is all the choices that we have adopted, all the judgments we have divided with, all the control that we have enforced that has caused our own separation from Eden. It is not God.


There is a most important issue facing this planet that has existed since Eve and Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad. This is the issue and struggle between the male and the female energies. It manifests within each individual as a struggle between the rational intellect and the free-flowing state of creative Beingness. It also manifests on the planet as a conflict between men and women in relationships, the workplace, and other aspects of life. If a person had their male and female energies perfectly aligned such that neither dominated the other, and the power was allowed to be and flow naturally, this person would be in a state of enlightenment. When this state manifests throughout the planet so that the man does not see himself as something greater or more important than the woman, and she in turn does not accept such a space for herself and takes her rightful place as divine as she is in the Universe, then the planet will come to see unconditional Love through and through, in all spaces, and in all corners.

In these books, there is much insight for healing and letting go for men and women alike, yet the crux and full magnitude of the healing for all will come about as men learn to let go of their need to be in control. Thus many of the messages are directed toward men to help us see that we align ourselves with many things that are not part of our true nature. Understanding this will help men remember to love again. This will indirectly serve the women readers to take their freedom and to heal.


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