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These clips have been cut-out from Book 1 and Book 2. Some cuttings were removed because of redundancy, some because they didn't fit anywhere, and some because they just belong in the trash. Pick through the trash and see if you can find any jewels. There definitely are some to be found. You may take freely, but if you do, please respect the Copyright 2002 © Moshe Daniel Block, and give a good reference or link to http://www.thelastfourbooks.com.

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The Teaser Paragraphs formerly in Chapter 1.

In chapter 2 - Healing Resistance in the Mind and Body, we will come to understand how we use Frmee Will to resist the things that we have judged as bad in our body and emotions, and how we then translate this resistance into the rest of our lives. We will come to understand how this does not serve us at all because we lose the good feeling of who we are. We will see how letting go of the control and resistance that we put on our being is necessary for our healing and for the return to Oneness. Chapter 2 will show you how to completely let your body and emotions be free to be felt and allowed to exist as they are. This is a fundamental part of the path of healing. Chapter 2 also explains that we must allow the mind to stay in a state of flux and that the root of all resistance actually begins in the mind.

In chapter 3 – The Beingness of God, it is explained how the state of Being that God existed in before the beginning of reality as we know it was the basis for all of creation. This state of being, beyond all rational constructs, greatly contrasts with the way in which most of us live and perceive reality, which is from a rational perspective. The importance of understanding this distinction is touched upon, for each person wishing to achieve states of enlightenment must understand that the basis of who they are is not rational. Parallels between giving up Frmee Will and giving up the rational are also established, and although it might seem as if releasing all rational thought one ceases to exist, they will not. The total giving up of the rational, which has become the basis of reality as we know it, yields a state of being that is One with God, that gave birth to all of creation and is beyond all the definitions that we have become accustomed to.

Chapter 4 – The Boredom of God, deals with the purpose of creation. It is discussed how the Creator existed in a state of AllGood and how it was not possible for the Creator to experience itself because there was only Good, there was only the Will of God and nothing else. There was a kind of celestial boredom that existed at the time. God knew that something had to be created to act as a challenger. The way God became challenged was by creating something that was not God’s true nature and by which God could be opposed. That was the creation of Frmee Will.

In Chapter 5 – The Game, it is described how the process of life where we, the children of the Creator as representatives of God, are being challenged and how life and our reality is really a Game. We create limiting belief systems and judgments that cause duality within us so that by our own choice, we can choose who we really are to ultimately give experience to our true nature.

Chapter 6 - The Imagination of God, explains how we were first created within the imagination of God and had to manifest as individuals, capable of experiencing ourselves, first in separation, with our own will (Frmee Will) to establish our individuality. Chapter 7 – The Dream, shares the fact that we had to fall asleep to our true nature in order to experience ourselves as individuals, separate from the Source, capable of choosing outside our true nature and based in illusion. This chapter also deals with the necessity of awakening ourselves from our dream so that we can return to our true nature and end the suffering of all people.

Chapter 8 – Faith and The Threshold, discusses faith, what it is, the immense power and importance of it and how to correct many of our misconceptions about faith. This chapter first introduces the concept of ‘crossing the threshold’, the final step from duality into Oneness and the release of Frmee Will, and also helps dispel the common fears that are associated with this total and complete surrender of the ego-self to the void. The Leap of Faith meditation is shared at the end of this chapter to prepare you for the complete and total surrender of all control that is involved in crossing the threshold.

How we became divided between two wills in opposition is left for chapter 9 – The Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad, where the identity of the Tree of Knowledge is revealed from different perspectives and also as the identity of an actual tree that exists today and that is capable of causing this duality of wills within an individual. What is introduced in chapter 9 as well is that in knowing the identity of the tree that began duality in humankind, we can use this tree as a medicine homeopathically to reverse its negative effects and heal ourselves. Understanding the identity of the Tree of Knowledge in the form of an actual tree was the dawning of The Homeopathic Elixir of Life, an elixir made up of different very powerful remedies, like the Tree of Knowledge prepared homeopathically, to help heal our states of duality and brings us to Oneness.

Chapter 10 – The Reversals of Reality, takes a fascinating look at how Frmee Will has caused a doubling of reality within us, where our brain’s perception has become doubled and reflected inward, creating the self within the self – this is our doubled self that holds the reigns of Frmee Will. We will also examine how our chakras (wheels of subtle energy on our bodies that nourish us by absorbing universal life energy) have become in opposition to each other and what the difference is between their flow in this reality of duality and as we exist within Oneness, having given up Frmee Will. Also discussed is the effect this doubling of reality has caused upon our energy field. Within this chapter, we will look at the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and explain how what we often think of as the Tree of Life is actually the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad.

Chapter 11 – Science is Spirituality, addresses the concept of Free Will and the release of it from a scientific view. Here we will look at what the effects of becoming finite and limited have had on our existence, having come from an infinite state. This chapter is not for the purpose of proving beyond a doubt the existence of God or Truth, but is to make you think and feel outside the box of our world’s scientific definitions and beliefs and to understand that we can exist beyond the gravitational pull and levitate or fly above the earth, and exist as whole Light beings.

In chapter 12, we will look at the manifestation of Frmee Will as it has shown itself in an issue that has existed since Eve and Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad. This is the issue and struggle between the male and the female energies. It manifests within each individual as a struggle between the rational intellect and the free-flowing state of creative Beingness. It also manifests on the planet as a conflict between men and women in relationships, the workplace, and other aspects of life. Chapter 12 establishes that if a person had their male and female energies perfectly aligned such that neither dominated the other, and the power was allowed to be and flow naturally, this person would be in a state of enlightenment. When this state manifests throughout the planet so that the man does not see himself as something greater or more important than the woman, and she in turn does not accept such a space for herself and takes her rightful place in the Universe, then the planet will come to see unconditional Love through and through, in all spaces, and in all corners.



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