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These clips have been cut-out from Book 1 and Book 2. Some cuttings were removed because of redundancy, some because they didn't fit anywhere, and some because they just belong in the trash. Pick through the trash and see if you can find any jewels. There definitely are some to be found. You may take freely, but if you do, please respect the Copyright 2002 © Moshe Daniel Block, and give a good reference or link to http://www.thelastfourbooks.com.

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CUT OUT From Chapter 3


?The way of the Tao

Is not the eternal way

It cannot be defined or explained

It can only be experienced?


The Tao, is the way Of Taoism ? it is the way of harmony.

For a Taoist, it is the purpose behind existence.

When discussing the Great Beingness before the Creation of rationality, this does not mean to say that there is not awareness, or intelligence. There is awareness of Being, yet it is not the kind of rationally-minded thought that we have within our state of duality here in the physical. Oneness-Being is not a state of blankness. The intelligence of Beingness is aware, conscious, intelligent, awake. Robert Wallace, PhD, a disciple of Maharishi, within the Vedic knowledge, describes this state of existence very nicely in his book The Physiology of Consciousness.

?It is also a field of pure wakefulness or

pure consciousness ? consciousness fully

awake within itself...?


Cut out of Chapter 3

What would exist when you are not thinking, if you exist because you think, is nothing. Pure absolute nothing. There is a complete absence of the existence of anything if all beings stopped thinking. This is not possible. Remember, to not think is not synonymous with not existing and nothing is not the same thing as undefined. The void that we speak of within this realm of the physical is not nothingness ? it is undefined. It feels like nothing to our rational mind, which only exists in parts.

Letting go of all control is equivalent to letting go of all judgmental thought, because judgment (seeing things as Good and Bad) is the root of control. Beyond judgmental thought is the Being and the Oneness that is our wildest and most loved imaginings. The point of releasing all control is the gateway that must be crossed to get back into Collective Consciousness which is within the ibeall world (The world where All I AM is Beingness). It is the surrender and death of the ego-self.

As we discussed in the last chapter, this judgmental thought, thinking something is bad and resisting it, is part of the process of suppression that eventually leads to disease and disharmony within us.

In order to Be the great I AM or great Oneness-Being, is to be in a state where there is no mental perception of this limited within a rational construct, for this creates a doubling of reality.


Cut out of chapter 5 ? The Game

Adam and Eve and all their descendants used their will of disobedience and created a world of illusion, so that instead of existing within the direct experience of Truth (Da?at), where there is no need to choose because you already ARE, they chose for themselves to experience what they believed to be true.

Are the things that people have chosen to be true actually the Truth? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. That is the Game of Life. You have choice and since you do, you must choose what you Love to be. Why would you choose any other way?

We have a lot of forgiving ourselves for the choices that we made that were outside of the Love, for it was us who made them. It was not meant to be. The understanding that ?it was meant to be? takes away our responsibility of facing and letting go of the ugly choices we have made.


Clipped from Chapter 6

Imagine what it is like to live believing that heaven is somewhere else, when you are truly within heaven. This creates the same kind of turmoil and splitting of reality that trying to be what you already are creates. For you, heaven becomes a place to imagine and pine for, not something to be aware of in the place where you are. It is like searching for your sunglasses that you have forgotten right on your head. You will never find them anywhere else. Of course, on your head is the last place where you look, but they’re still there. It is as if we are standing within a great vaulted chamber, searching for that very chamber and we cannot see the ceiling above nor the sides around us to realize we are where we are seeking to be because it is all enshrouded in darkness. So we feel lost within the very place we wish to be… all there is to do is light up the room and there is instantaneous awareness of the Truth that is all around us and has always been.

This double reality caused by believing where you are is not the place you want to be is the delusion of being outside of the garden. It is similar to all the delusions we believe in about heaven and hell, as if there is a heaven and a hell. We can definitely experience hell here on earth. But it is by our own hands that we come to do that. Perhaps that is what makes it the most hellish, because it is by our own will that we come to create our experiences. We must come to un-choose these choices by ourselves. This is why God and the angels of Goodness will not come to bring in the Messianic Age. WE must do it for it is us who constantly keep ourselves shrouded in duality by our forgetting.

No matter how deeply one becomes entrenched within the ‘hell’ of their lives, the heaven that they will come to experience will be proportionally as heavenly as the hell they experienced, having struggled within the negativity and released it by seeing it not as a choice anymore. What it takes is shedding the patterns of negativity and stepping out of the time of the past.



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