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These clips have been cut-out from Book 1 and Book 2. Some cuttings were removed because of redundancy, some because they didn't fit anywhere, and some because they just belong in the trash. Pick through the trash and see if you can find any jewels. There definitely are some to be found. You may take freely, but if you do, please respect the Copyright 2002 © Moshe Daniel Block, and give a good reference or link to http://www.thelastfourbooks.com.

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Cut out of chapter 8 – Faith and the Threshold

There can also be the belief that God is only outside yourself. This belief is counter-productive to allowing true faith because the intention behind it is; “I believe in God – out there”. This separates the soul from Being the nature of God, for God is not without. Only a soul who knows their connection to God can have faith, because all that you are becomes a representation of the whole for you. If you don’t know joy within you, how can you imagine it in the Universe? If you have no connection to wonderful things inside of you, how will figure them into your existence? suppose believe God is something greater and separate from you, you will not know true faith.

Clipped out of Chapter 9

Now, Adam, still both male and female, upon planet earth, had a great ‘loneliness’ and sadness.

“He had great sadness for he saw the mating of the natives and the animals of Planet Earth. His sadness was not for the mating but for not having a companion to communicate with. So then one was given to him to communicate with. At that time, it was asked that he not become involved in the ways of the planet Earth, for at the level to which he was evolved, it would have been disastrous for him to become involved in physical mating without adapting, without his body adjusting to a new equilibrium.” P. 139 TOPOC

The Elohim also explain the following:

“It was too soon. The minds and the souls of the spirits were too dense. It was a high civilization, not properly adapted to earth.” P. 130 TOPOC

Thus, the Elohim (The Nine) asked of Adam and Eve to obey this rule, ‘Do not engage in the act of lovemaking’; yet… “nevertheless permitted the choice to be made if humankind so chose.” TOPOC p. 97

“Then the One that Fell came upon him and his woman companion, and placed within him a sense of true knowledge which gave him the desire to be equal to God. The tragedy of this is that he came originally from the Creator and forgot this. So there was no need to attempt to be equal to God. But while on earth, he found the need for this.” P. 139 TOPOC

This last quote from The Nine deeply reveals the essence of the original sin. It is not so much the act of making love before they were ready that caused Adam and Eve to fall into negativity. It is the desire to be equal to God and thus believing that one can go against the Will of the Creator that causes the duality.

The Elohim also explain to us that within the act of making Love (a very appropriate term) it is the one time when two beings engaged in a Love union can come most closely to being One with the Creator. This is because the act of sex is the alchemical act of bringing the two polarities of male and female back into union of the Balanced Positive – the original state of Adam Kadmon. It is what brings the two sides together in an act of Love. This union of the male and female is the Oneness that makes the stuff of The Creator. And for this reason, the connection of the two polarities that the man and the woman represent sexually, when they did actually make Love, frightened them because they went into the feeling of being Allthatis and they were not prepared for this. So the act went wrong, it became bad and good, when it is AllGood. They were also not ready for it mostly because their intention was attempting to be like God and not doing it for the true Love of the act.

To tie this in with the previous chapters; Adam came from a state where He/She was already One with the Creator. Yet there was no way of experiencing this because He/She was in a balanced state of male and female, Balanced Positive. It was necessary to have ‘a side’ taken from Adam and thus Adam and Eve were created to experience what it is like to be in parts, so that in coming together, they could have the experience, for the first time ever, of what it was like to be this Balanced Positive. But they didn’t give it enough time to adapt to the density of the planet. Earth, because of its gravitational density, gives a great feeling in the Soul, something that wasn’t possible for a Whole Light Being. They weren’t ready for the power of the feeling that the experience of Oneness gives.

Yet why were they forbidden from engaging in the sexual act of union?

The Elohim have said this to us;

“Earth is the only planet in the entire Universe of choice. Humankind first walked with the gods, and…/ …they were tempted to experience the joy of unity with the Oneness of creation. Then the Creator said ‘That is forbidden to you.’ Nevertheless permitted the choice to be made if humankind so chose. They did that choosing. From that day forward, it is not the Creator that has punished, but humankind has punished itself, for they touched in Truth the knowledge of who they were, and it frightened them, for they knew they were not in the state to comprehend completely.” TOPOC, P. 97

So from the perspective of the original sin of the Tree of Knowledge having been the act of sex, all the nasty stuff that has followed this first choice of Frmee Will has been as a result of the guilty conscience that humankind has lived within; the consciousness that the self suffers in itself when, by its own choosing, it has caused a severing from the Oneness of the Creator. And the severing from the Oneness was due to the fact of having entered too quickly within the power of union and Oneness, with the intention of desiring to be like God. Having been overwhelmed by it and being unready, it caused a separation from it, even a judgment of it. Instead of it being the most sacred, the most divine, that which is awed and revered, cherished and honoured, it also became feared and judged.

Another Cutout from chapter 9

This is how Adam and Eve and all the children of God began to believe and see that they were separate entities. It was a choice and something that we will all have difficulty letting go of, although we most definitely will let go of it when we can all come to fully understand that it really isn’t at all what we truly want. We do have the choice to remain in our limited worlds of fear and judgment. We can if we wish. But why on earth do we make this choice? Why do we even consider this as an option? It isn’t really a choice at all, although we live in the illusion that somehow it is ok to live life stuck in a pattern of fear, not living what we truly want but living running from our fears and erecting walls to protect ourselves.

On the one hand it is ok, because we do have this choice and if you see deeply into what it means to have a choice, then yes, it is ok to live within the reflected shadow of our true nature. But on the other hand, it isn’t ok, because it is such a shame that we allow ourselves and accept for ourselves a reality that is so much less fulfilling and joyful and so much more painful and torturous than if we were to make the effort to shake the dust from our eyes.

More Trash

Ananda Zaren, a wonderful homeopathic author, in her Core Elements, gives us some insight into the nature of the behaviour and ideas of people who are under the influence of Anacardium orientale. This helps us unite what is being said here about the dependence on the Torah and other sacred texts that people can exhibit when they are under the powerful influence of the Tree of Knowledge, especially when we discuss it being Anacardium orientale.

“The soft or passive types of Anacardium people are more likely to be followers than leaders. Instead of making decisions for themselves, they look for answers in documents or in lists of rules and regulations-"scriptures" of one sort or another. They believe that, if they follow the rules, regardless of what the rules require them to do, no one will criticize or punish them.”

Depending on how consciousness is affecting the Tree, it is either the Tree of Knowledge, if the left column is turned inward and opposes the right column (Frmee Will), or the Tree of Life, if the left column acts in harmony with the right (Oneness – beyond Frmee Will).

One thing we can say is that in correcting the missteps of our past, we move forward and return to the Garden of Eden. And in arriving where we started, we remember our choices and see that the missteps never really happened. Time is unfolding in a backward manner upon us, we are still unraveling our way and becoming that which was imagined by God for the purpose of creating the Time of Oneness where we can all experience that which was imagined.

Cut out from the Tree of Knowledge chapter at the End - When Discussing the Law of Torah

The Torah is a tool for the survival in the world of Good and Bad. It is a tool that helps us to be in control and to endure within this reality.

We must call to the table ALL that has been discussed within this book to really look at the Torah and to see what it represents NOW to us. It has been there for us in our state of Good and Bad when the world was in duality. Since the Time the Torah was received, it has been the guidebook to help us survive through the centuries of hardship in our separation from our true selves and the Garden of Eden. It is the book within which we have sought guidance in our dream of forgetting outside of Eden. It is filled with immeasurable wisdom, sometimes on the surface, sometimes hidden, that has nourished the spiritual soul of the Jewish people.

Just as Adam and Eve were unable to experience the Tree of Life because they ate from the Tree of Knowledge, so are we unable to do so until we release our attachments to the Tree of Knowledge. You cannot have both at the same time. You either are eating from one and remaining One, in harmony, and immortal or you are eating from the other and remaining doubled, in conflict between your true nature and that which opposes it.

In the Torah, God is depicted as jealous, controlling, and punishes for doing Bad. This can and did lead to belief systems about God, especially if one embraced the literal meaning of the Torah. It is overflowing with the Knowledge of Good and contains ample Knowledge of Bad. This is referring to the knowledge of the 613 Laws (Mitzvot). 248 are Dos (Good). 365 are Do Not Dos (Bad). It is thus filled with the Knowledge of Good and Bad.



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