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These clips have been cut-out from Book 1 and Book 2. Some cuttings were removed because of redundancy, some because they didn't fit anywhere, and some because they just belong in the trash. Pick through the trash and see if you can find any jewels. There definitely are some to be found. You may take freely, but if you do, please respect the Copyright 2002 © Moshe Daniel Block, and give a good reference or link to http://www.thelastfourbooks.com.

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Cutout From Chapter on Science is Spirituality

As we approach the time of our unfoldment, we are also paradoxically moving back toward the beginning of time. Something more intense than our own violence toward each other will occur. It has to do with matter merging with antimatter into the zero point, because, one way or another, it is all coming together. The north and the south, yin and the yang, matter and antimatter, the beginning and the end. We are coming full circle, back around to the time of our being conceived within the physical. We have known the conception of the physical Universe to have begun with a great Explosion – The Big Bang! When matter and antimatter come together, it creates the same phenomenon, for they cannot exist in the same space. They blow up. And as we see the bizarre nature of time revealed to us, we see that this Big Bang will happen again as we come to the Zero point of Time, where time in the physical as we know it comes to a stop, as it also took its first step outward from this same ‘point’. So, it is best that we do what we must do before this merging happens in its own time. That way, we can get out of the way of the truck and play in the fields before it knocks us off the road.


Those who do not feel the Truth within their hearts have forgotten the connection and feeling of this Truth and what it is like. The Truth has been forgotten to all of us at different times and to varying degrees and we have become quite afraid of the unknown because there we feel out of control compared to how we have tried to be in control. This is the way of the science mind (like the ‘good and bad’ mind) and all who have adopted its ways - Rules. Beliefs. Laws. Definitions. Proof. Good means you follow. Bad means you break the law or belief. There is a lot of primordial, ancient guilt associated with letting go of good vs. bad.

Within this reality, the rational mind needs proof and rules for a few reasons.

One: It doesn’t feel Love and thus is capable of doing something to another person that it wouldn’t want to have done to itself. Thus the rules are there for us to follow within this state we have gotten into so that we don’t go around doing terrible things to everyone. (The heart cannot do such things for it is always feeling for the other person– thus, in the World of the Heart, much fewer rules are needed and there are no rigid belief structures. There is a lot of fear associated with breaking down rules and structures because of the chaos that might ensue. It is a leap of faith that is necessary to see that in the new way, the majority of people will come to choose the way of Love of their own accord, something that is much more powerful than having it enforced by a disciplinary body. Our true nature is good, so why all the rules? Such is control-based discipline and it isn’t as poignant as the people/the masses not tolerating a certain type of negative behavior and taking action to correct it.)

Two: The rational mind needs to have structure outside of itself because that is the way things are ordered within itself.

Three: It was meant to begin to try to order things because this creates on the outside of itself that which it isn’t. It is a type of bondage on the freedom of Being. It is part of the Game.


As temperature and the movement of physical molecules decrease until they are zero Kelvin, the speed of light that is perceived therein increases to infinity, the mass decreases to zero and the density increases to infinity in a point of no dimension. Another way of saying ‘Light is moving at the speed of infinity’ is to say that Light is all there is. It is Light being everything-everywhere without there being anything else. It therefore occupies ALL that is and we call this infinity. When Light is Allthatis, there is no physicality. There is just Light… Being. This is important, for as soon as something else shows up, like the perception of Allthatis on the other side of the physical, limited reality, then there is something with which to compare and what was once infinite, can then be compared to what showed up.

When you follow the illusion of physical matter down into its furthest reaches, it actually ceases to exist. The illusion is dispelled. At this point, if you were to take the void of nothingness and flip it inside-out, you would be within the void of Everythingness. We perceive the nothingness only from within the illusion of the physical, so if you were to perceive from outside of the physical, it would be the All, the One. That is also why we can say both that the Universe existed as a point of no dimension and infinite density, and also that it existed as a point of no density and infinite Light.


The Zone of Cold, the place of absolute zero, where there is perfect crystallization of energy, is the point of pure potentiality, where anything is possible. It is the exact same thing as the zero point field. Where I shall be as I wish to be is unopposed by even the faintest resistance. At this point, with zero movement of the physical, there is no deception or being trapped by the illusion of the physical and the Being is free to Be as it wishes to be. That is pure potentiality.


In the Imagination of God chapter, we came to understand that Allthatis was still in the Imagination of God and it was only at the point when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge that any resistance existed (where the heart began to be opposed by the 2nd will (Frmee) of the ego/rational mind). That first act of resistance, ie. eating from the Tree of Knowledge, gave rise to the Big Bang.

Adam and Eve’s choice to separate themselves from the Oneness and to adopt a second will of resistance is actually what gave rise to our perception of our world as physical and not as All Light.


A person floating around in space, without any influence of other planets’ gravitational pulls, can quickly begin to feel limitless and undefined. It is because their mind no longer has the perception of the physical and therefore it can quickly let go of the illusion of the physical and get to a point where it is able to perceive its true nature, which is Light, which is connected to Allthatis in all directions. This is why astronauts can go mad in space. They are not ready for the conversion back into their true nature. They feel no form. This sensation of dematerialization can be overwhelming.


When you close your eyes and you see little sparks of light now and then, or swirling energies, do you know what you are seeing? You are seeing the Universe as it is within you. The Universe is within you. The more you are in a state of peace, the more phenomena you can see within your eyes. When these little sparkles go off, it could be the death of a star somewhere in the Cosmos. When you see the swirling of different light fields, it might be the swirling of a nebulae, or a black hole. The Universe is within you, but now you have it imploded and stored within your head instead of you living as One with it. If you are able to become very grounded and open up your third eye chakra, you will see the stream of time within as it is approaching the end of time and holding onto the origin of the implosion from the beginning of time. This is within you because you are a holographic part of the whole. That is why you can see the Cosmos in your eyes. Because it is you.


It might seem that if we were to let go of all control and resistance that we would pop back into the unmanifested state that Allthatis existed within before. In a way, this is true. But the experience that we have all had in the physical has caused a permanent and irreversible change to come upon us and our consciousness. Thus, even though there is a return to the Oneness, it is not experienced as the original, undifferentiated state. We cannot go back to a place where we do not know ourselves as individuals, where there is just Light and God, The Creator, the One, is all there is and there is nothing else. The Nine even say this – “What would be the point of creating nothing out of nothing? Something had to be created.” The Return to Oneness is now experienced within each individual. To get to this place of Oneness, even though one does let go of all control, one remains centered within who they are.


If you are among the many healers and health care professionals who are aligned with the way of healing, treating the whole person, working with the gentle and subtle energies of Mother Nature, please examine very closely what you are doing by attempting to gain the recognition of the medical establishment through scientific research into your field of healing. The naturopathic profession is one of those healing professions that is suffering greatly from an identity crisis and the need to prove itself. It is not wrong to look for explanations, but this desire to prove yourself is likely coming from the intention that what you are doing will only be good if it is acceptable to the medical establishment, or the established beliefs of the time. It is being afraid to be different from that which has been accepted. It is sucking up to the bullies on the block to get a place on their turf. The medical establishment has created so many limiting definitions on who we are and what our health is all about, its method of treatment does not heal people, it simply eliminates symptoms, why would we need recognition in this field? The need to prove oneself comes from doubt in what one is doing. If you truly trust in what you are doing then you can see the clear Truth that will show you that you do not need to do one thing to prove yourself to anyone. "If you build it, he will come". (Quote from the movie Field of Dreams).

Someone with faith in naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, hands on and other forms of healing could stand in front of a thousand challenging scientists and medical doctors with not one ounce of proof, nor with any way to justify what it is and know totally and completely how good it is. If others do not believe, or if others have doubt, that is not for the person with faith to attempt to control.

Just be yourself and in doing that, in practicing what you know works and what you know to be true, even if there isn’t scientific evidence for it, you will then get all the recognition you need. If you are true to yourself, they will come. Recognition does not come from trying to prove yourself, especially when those to whom you are trying to prove yourself will not see what you are attempting to prove anyway. If you are trying to be like them, they will simply see that you are not like them and judge you for that, however hard you may try.

Ironically, there is much scientific evidence even now that exists to show that there is basis for homeopathy, acupuncture, hands on healing, even faith healing. But those who don’t want to hear, don’t want to hear. Those who don’t want to see, won’t see. Even if healers erected huge amounts of proof, it could still be rejected, as proof is an empty path. Why is that? It isn’t for me to worry about that. It is their choice. People who wrap themselves tightly in a world of denial are simply creating a world of denial for themselves. Soon, there will be too many miracles happening for even the most doubtful person to not be affected and roused into wakefulness. Don’t sell out the essence of who you are.

The need to be recognized is just feeding the doubt that we have, which is accentuated from being outside of the current establishment. The current establishment knows that it is on its way out. It has served its time and its purpose. It has also been shown by some scientists working outside of the box that there can be a censorship within the scientific communities toward those discoveries that challenge current belief systems ("The Memory of Water" by Michel Schiffe on Jacques Beneviste’s work).

Just as Socrates asked the question – “Is it good because it is pleasing to the gods? Or is it pleasing to the gods because it is good?” It isn’t good because you prove it to be good .That is formula-istic and is creating a definition for what is good. It is saying “it is good because it is pleasing to the gods.’ If something is pleasing to the gods because it is good, then it is good, and knowing that, you simply carry on doing it. This keeps one from trying to repeat the formula of good, which would become a definition of good, but simply being.

These issues and discussions also seen in The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine, by Moshe Daniel Block, N.D.


As one's awareness expands, one becomes able to perceive finer and finer forms of matter and energy that are pervading the Universe.

Thus, the ancient Rig Veda states: "What the seers call ascending, is also

descending, and what they call descending, is also ascending."

In order to perceive the greatest in size, your awareness rises and expands to become greater and greater (Sanskrit: Mahima). When you do this, the elements around you shrink. In order to perceive the smallest, your awareness must shrink to the smallest degree. (Sanskrit: Anima) When you do this, the elements around you grow.

Thus, from the human perspective, there are 32 steps to the largest, and 32 steps to the smallest. And both of these are traversed at the same time.

This density on planet Earth accentuates the experience of Frmee Will, for it causes the entrapment of consciousness within the lower, reversed levels of consciousness. It enables the feeling of pain and pleasure, sorrow and desire, for an individual’s self.

(The motor/sensory, sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems are a lower reflection within the body of their energetic counterparts within the subtler and higher vibratory frequencies.)

We have heard from scientists that an electron can behave both as matter and as energy. This information is not secret, it is well known to us today. Matter IS energy. It depends on the relative point from which you perceive it that gives it a certain perceivable quality.


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