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CUT OUT of Chapter 12 - Reconciliation between Adam and Eve

Part of the people’s need to be on top as number one also has within it the fear of not being 'big' enough. Instead of living their lives doing what they would love, people might have the tendency to live trying to seem bigger and better. This means the same thing on various levels.

It can mean in terms of job and social status or in terms of knowing more and more.

It can also mean in terms of the size of one’s body parts.

All men must come to love themselves in the exact way that they are, just as women have a lot of loving to do toward themselves and their physical bodies [Second Circle – CaN #1 – As I AM – I find beauty in who I am. If I am a man, I give up the need to be bigger than I am] Anyway, it is not the sword, it’s the swordsmanship, so we have heard.

There is a deep secret here: When a man allows the flow of his sexual energy totally and completely, when he has let go of the issues of inadequacy and trying to prove himself, his sexual chakra becomes opened and aligned with his heart, and the energy of his penis can extend far beyond the physical parameters of his penis into the woman so that she will feel him penetrating her on an energetic level that is very, very deep. This enlargement is energetic and is not available to a man who feels the need to be bigger than the Creator has made him, whether it be in mind, spirit or body.

Yet deep connections on a spiritual and energetic level do not seem to be what a man always desires, in this day and age, and in times past. What we are seeing emerging again today, as a repetition of events that have occurred in times long past, is a great desire to have large penises. The repetition of times past is a revisitation to the way things were just before the destruction of the civilization of Atlantis. The destruction or ‘drowning’ of Atlantis was due to the bottomless pit desire that the inhabitants had before the Great Flood and their need to increase the size of the man’s penis.

“If it had not been below their waste they were always in trouble, then it would have been a fine civilization. …/

Rather than using of the knowledge of medicine which they had to improve their mentalities or their physicals, they used their knowledge to improve their sex organs.” The Only Planet of Choice p. 148-9

Men have probably always wanted to be well-endowed, it is likely a natural part of our human nature. Women can like men to have large genitals too, which is understandable as well. It is when it MUST be that way for a man or a woman and one becomes obsessed about it that both men and women are likely disconnected, in some way, from loving themselves. The fact that we see this obsession to enlarge one’s penis again today to such a large degree, and the alleged technology to do so, on the internet, for instance, is a sign that we are nearing the re-emerging of the Time of Atlantis. It is a return to our origins as we were before we ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Just as a pattern of one’s life will begin to repeat itself to deal with past errors of choice to heal them, so too are we seeing the patterns of the issues/errors of Atlantis re-emerging.

Let’s look at how The Only Planet of Choice discusses the Flood. The destruction of Atlantis, the Flood, was said to be caused by an experiment with hydrogen (they had technologies more advanced than our own), which caused a chain reaction and the overnight flooding of that civilization. In the chapter about Atlantis in The Only Planet of Choice, the Nine explain that they were feeling despair at the way in which the civilization of Atlantis had gone astray from its original purpose to such a large extent. The people of the time forgot their higher purpose of bringing the planet into oneness. Instead they got heavily involved in the physical desires of the planet such that it became all consuming. The Nine’s despair prevented them from avoiding an experiment with hydrogen that lead to the disaster and destruction of Atlantis.


It can bug him how calm and easy someone else takes things. When someone is in a negative state, they can easily judge someone who is in a state of peace and joy. It can be tough for someone so rushed and goal-oriented because they tend to take things so seriously (because if they don’t get what they need, there is a sense of badness about it). Seeing someone so relaxed, patient and at peace can trigger emotions of resentment and envy. If you are someone who tends to rush and you are with someone who is patient and relaxed, don’t rush them, be inspired by them. Let yourself come back down to the ground. There you will feel your will to allow, which is your will of just Being and there you will see that everything you wish for, all the goals you have aspired towards, you already have. This way, you can do everything you wish and try not at all. In this space, you will see the wisdom of patience, of trusting in the slow growth and unfoldment of things.

It is the energy that gives rise to political correctness which is out of balance. The World’s opinion through the eyes of the media of what has been occurring in Israel with the Palestinians’ is an example of political correctness gone overboard. It is not an even situation. It is not a war that is being fought fairly. The media has made it out to appear as if the Palestinians are being oppressed by the Israelis. The Israelis are not always perfect in their dealings with the Palestinians and often regard them as lesser, but they have shown incredible constraint in a situation where they are surrounded by people who do not want them to exist. It is not just the Palestinians but most of the surrounding Arab countries that have often attempted to wipe the Jews/Israelis into the Sea. The Israelis want peace and defend themselves in a way that is necessary for their safety. Many of the Palestinians do not want to live in peace with the Israelis, have lost the value of human life and rejoice in the killing even of children. It is not an ‘even’ situation, yet the media began calling the terrorist organizations like ‘Hamas’ and ‘The Islamic Jihad’, “freedom fighters”. It wasn’t until September 11th, 2001 that some of these “freedom fighters” shocked the world that the media reverted back to the former term ‘terrorists’. We must be capable of stepping past the unbalanced positive to really see what is there. The Israelis will then take the responsibility they must to amend the situation for all people in the land of Israel and the world will no longer tolerate terrorism as a means of fighting for freedom.

Just as women can get stuck in the male controlling energy, so can men become stuck in the unbalanced positive, for each is male and female. Don’t forget, the odds are quite high that you have been both a man and a woman in your different lifetimes. We have all experienced both sides and the more one is on the path of enlightenment, the more one is dealing with the balance of the male and female.

As soon as you judge something as bad, you begin to fear that you might do it, and you begin to resist it. This gives away your power and makes it into a big deal, which you can feel helpless against. Eventually, you will cave in against your opposing will. If you are able to release the guilt of having caved in, it can help you see beyond the judgment of the act as being something bad, or shameful.

Since Hashem God had to cast a deep sleep upon the male-female being in order to cause this separation to occur, well then, what is this saying? It is saying that this separation between the perfect harmony of the sexes occurred within the dream state, when Adam, the Balanced Positive Being was asleep. As we recall from ‘The Dream’ chapter, it is only if you have fallen asleep to your true nature that you can dream that your male and female are in opposition, or they are separate.

When the male and female energies are together as One, this is the Balanced Positive. This is having given up Frmee Will and is walking with the golden glow. It is giving up the state where the controlling energies within fight and resist the state of Beingness as foundation.

What the Council of Nine are saying is that each has the male and female energies and that there is no definition of how either men nor women must be. Men, therefore, have the ability to be as intuitive as the woman, but must release many patterns of control-based thinking over the freedom of being and over others in order to allow the feeling of intuition and the connection with the body to occur. He must let go of the belief that a man doesn’t or shouldn’t express his feelings. He must also let go of his tendency to view reality from a largely rational point of view. It is not impossible to do. It simply requires much dedication toward the letting go, with faith to know that it is Ok and that he can. The faith makes letting go of these primeval ways of being about a million times easier than struggling within them.

This giving up control does not mean to give up action or activity, it means the need to be in control over things. The action and creativity that comes about when one gives up this control is even more than within the control, yet it is effortless. There is no trying, just allowing that which you Love to be True. When you have Faith to Know that which you Love to be True IS True, then Allowishing is letting that Be which you Love to be and which you Know is True.

The woman has the tendency to not feel accepted for who she is. This is partly because she has bought into the belief that she is there for his pleasure. When he is unsatisfied, she takes it as her own failure. One of her fears is ‘what I have to give is not enough, I must try more’.


The male energy’s purpose is in giving to the female, like a catalyst. In the act of making Love, his purpose, we shall call it, is in doing it for her pleasure. She then goes wild, has an incredible time, her womb creates the most stunning energy in the World that radiates out and makes him feel the pleasure and joy of the act. If he is not making Love for her sake but only his, the reverse happens. First of all, he will not feel the deepness of the joy of union with her. How could he? He is doing it all for himself. Unfortunately, what also happens in this act is that he will be sucking in her energy, somewhat vampirically. Perhaps that is too strong a word, but it is of that nature. The woman tends to buy into his selfishness as well, because quite often, if he is taking it all for himself, she is there to give it to him too. She will be making love for him, worrying to herself if she is doing it well enough for him, if she is pleasing him properly. The entire dynamic is reversed into the negative when the male is attempting to be the god. This relationship of the male taking in and the female trying to please him is a dynamic that creates nothing.

When it is done in harmony, in the chakras this looks like the woman taking in. It all starts with her. Life, creation, starts with the female. He gives to her, she allows it to flow through her. Inside of her, it is transformed into great energy. Tantrically, he then is able to receive this energy into his mouth through a kiss and the energy then gets recirculated through his channels, his body and back into her.

[Second Circle - CaN #3 – I allow myself to enjoy sex, fully and completely.

I allow my sexual energy to flow. I release any judgment of the expression of my sexual nature. He says - I do it for her pleasure. This is where I find the pleasure and joy.

She says - I allow myself to receive the pleasure of the act. I give up the guilt of receiving.]

He also gives and he takes pleasure in that giving. This is where the greatest sexiness lies for the man. She then gives to him all that he desires, which is her total fulfillment and pleasure. (It’s a male thing) He really is doing it to serve her though. Totally and completely. He has given up all desire for himself. The man can then see how it is not all for him. He can feel her. The woman sees that she can allow it into her, she stops worrying about receiving. She knows she is allowed… allowed??? It is her right, her being, her very essence. She can receive fully and completely into herself and not feel ashamed or guilty of that. She can also let the power that she is in touch with come into her, and let it sing out of her lips, or however she expresses it.

As they go deeper and deeper into this, they give up their ego that sees themselves as separate at all. They are Two that are One.

When the man and the woman give up all the control and resistance within their genital area, their third eye chakras (as above, so below) then extend outward as the kundalini energy of the third eye – mahima and anima comes alive within. We have seen this depicted in the ancient Egyptian art as the serpent headpiece. It is symbolic of the power of the third eye chakra that returns to the Soul who has given up living in selfishness or in resistance of Being. She is then taking her rightful place and allowing her power to pulsate with the rhythm of the Earth. He is then free, totally and completely, from receiving just for the self. So then he has his will return to him where he can trust and fully know well that he serves the Love, because he has no doubt upon his forehead, that looks within in fear and worry. He is only poised out as a giver of the Love he knows he receives from the Goddess’ power and magnificence. He serves the Shekinah, who flows through him and gives him all his power. Then he is an OK man, and she, an OK woman.


A feeling of joy surges through you when you connect with the understanding that the wonder of the Now need not dissipate. It is eternal. It is immortal, and so is ‘I shall as I shall be’. Letting go of the past pain and hurt inside, we let go of worrying about the joys of the moment slipping from our grasp. John Keats described this sort of worry about the moment slipping away in his poem “Ode on Melancholy” where he writes of Melancholy:

“She dwells with Beauty, beauty that must die. And joy, whose hands are ever at his lips bidding adieu. And aching pleasure nigh, turning to poison while the bee-mouth sips.”

This is the feeling we have when we are living in scarcity, where we still consider ourselves bound to a time that is going to run out on us.


Bina2 (rational) is tied to the past. In order for us to align our male will with the Forwardness of the Female, we must completely let go of the past.

How do you let go of the past? It might seem like a strange thing to do, or maybe even impossible, but it is very possible. As you become aware of the thoughts that you are thinking that are tied to the past, you let them go. In other words, you do not use this part of yourself anymore. Regret. Guilt. Self-reproach from past mistakes. Longing for times past. Sorrow. Hatred at people who have hurt you and done you wrong. You drop the thought as one drops a ball from one’s hand and allow to surface whatever feelings come up. It is like saying goodbye and then turning your back to walk away. You simply release the activity of that part of yourself, as one does when they retire. And you wake up to be fully present to the moment. What you are doing by disconnecting from the past is waking up from the illusionary dream that clouds out your connection with the bliss of the true moment that you are now within. The bliss of the moment, when you are present fully and completely, having let go of the past, is the Ganallisone. The energy within us that controls (left column turned inward - the Tree of Knowledge) gives up its control and it rearranges itself so that it is an extension of the female energy (left column turned outward – Tree of Life) (See Figure 30).


Women can usually see or imagine their partners with another a lot easier. Women can be possessive too, especially if she doesn’t feel Love from her partner. But if we were to put the women of the world’s possessiveness on one side of a scale, and men’s on the other, the men’s side would crash down and catapult the other far into the air.

Men love the female energy so much, and yet they are afraid of expressing it and having it within. So they have to get it from the outside. This makes them more possessive.

The reason why we men (mostly) can want many women is because of the longing to connect with this lost female energy combined with the unwillingness to do what it takes to find the truest feeling of connection with another. We keep our hearts nice and safe so we are not ‘vulnerable’ to losing ourselves to the other side. (Cause Lord knows, how can we be in control if we are vulnerable? We can’t.) We fear letting go. We hold ourselves back. We fear losing. We try to control. All of these acts are the male needing to be in control. There is no experience of the female within. Therefore, you will constantly need to get it from the outside. Bottomless pit desire is created. It is the true wish combined with holding back that creates this bottomless pit desire. And this can then becomes desire for any woman, regardless of whether or not you have even exchanged a single word with them. This desire for any seemingly attractive person is an illusion. If you know nothing of a person, how can you want to connect with them?

Don’t forget that women can have a deep bottomless pit desire as well. When this is the case, for them too, the size of the man’s penis will matter. Why does it matter for some women and not for others? The women for whom it seems to matter have something in common – they tend to be looking for something different in the sexual act. They are usually a lot like men sexually, have a lot of desire and are seeking the physical pleasure of the act to fill up their need rather than the underlying essence of the act. They usually do not have a very loving relationship with themselves and their father didn’t demonstrate much love toward them.


There have been beings who have come to Earth who have not been born in this physical manner. They were not here to learn the lessons of the physical, because one who is not born in a physical manner is not capable of learning the lessons of the physical, which are the lessons and struggles of limitations to overcome those limitations. Being born in this physical manner causes you to forget your true nature so that you may learn to overcome limitations that you would not have if you were still connected with the awareness of who you are and all that you are capable of.

First, there was only One, and what was that? It was Balanced Positive, which is like nothingness for one who had only known that and nothing else. Now there are Two and when they are One again, that is Three, something more.

Allow yourself:

When I see that it is not about trying to know everything there is to know, I give that up as being important and come to see the important things that I can call, for myself, the true important things. All other things seem to drift away and collect upon the ‘it doesn’t matter’ pile. For then we can be together in such a Love bond. I don’t need to be number one, in fact, if she would allow me to give to her, I am so honoured and grateful. From within this space, I am the great man I have always wanted to be. I do not lose anything of myself in this. In my fear of losing myself to the true power of the female, I fought it and lived always in fear. Now in yielding, I am more powerful than I ever imagined. There is not even macho-ness lost in being kind and loving. Those men who can be sensitive and open, caring and kind, are the real macho men. All others, who hide behind big words, are just afraid.

That which we know is true, we cannot turn away from anymore. In our moment of complete surrender, we will all acknowledge this fully and completely, and of course, we don’t have to make a religion out of it. It is an integral part of us that is quite apparent and obvious. She just has to let herself go now and feel ok about that. Feel ok about letting herself be free, exposed, wild. And all the yucky gunk that you can feel rising up in your throat when you think about all the nasty stuff men have done to women in holding them down… let that rise up in you… it is the demons that you will throw up. It’s good to. Don’t worry. Once you do it, you say to yourself ‘thanks God and angels’, which comes out pretty nicely as ‘Thank you Garden Angels’.

So in this great time that is returning to us, the time of Legends that are real, because we are finally giving birth to them, really listen to your mother. Really listen to your sister. Really listen to your girlfriend/wife/partner, for what she says, is priceless… you don’t want to let it slip by. And really listen to the man who listens to his mother, sister, wife, etc.


(Remember that the man is made of X and Y, not just Y)

Imposing laws about the way things are is not aligned with our true nature. No one can ever tell another how things must be. All Beings have the freedom to choose. If you try to impose your will on another, and you enforce this, you are going to be stuck in a controlled world. This is how the male has tried to be like God inanotsoniceway, by creating Laws of what is Good and Bad. That is how the male energy attempts to control when it is separated from the female, as it was after that darned Tree. Until you learn to let her be free to shine and glow, you will never be free yourself. You will not experience true Love until you do this.



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