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Cut out of Conclusion

Soon after their first choice with their own will, they were already free to choose for themselves how they wanted to be and what they wanted to do. They already had choice and the true freedom to use that as they wished. Unfortunately, they sort of messed up their first challenge. Why? Neither of them took responsibility for their choice. Adam blamed his choice on Eve. ?That woman you gave me, she made me eat from the tree.? Gen 3-12. As a result, he has a huge primordial fear of being deceived and manipulated by the woman. It is the fear of being overcome by the female. This is one reason why he fears letting go to her and to the Goddess. He is afraid of Her power, so he tries to be in control so that he won?t lose himself. It is like the feeling that ?women are evil and will make you do things that are not good for you, that will harm you, or injure your soul.? (a very, very deeply ingrained belief and fear). This is how he gives his power away and feels like he has no choice. This is his error.

Eve blamed it on the serpent. ?The serpent deceived me and so I ate.? Gen 3-13. She too did not take responsibility for her choice. As a result of this, she has lacked faith in her intuition, in her decision, in her right to choose freely and can be controlled by the man?s rationale of Good and Bad, because she has doubted herself. Eve?s fear is also of being deceived into doing something against her will ? which is a fear of her na?vet? and what will happen to her in trusting so openly. Because she fears losing herself in this way, she gives her power away and does not see her freedom of choice.

If you are not able to feel good about the choices you make and find acceptance of who you are and what you have chosen to be, you get stuck in a struggle between Good and Bad. You?ll be stuck in guilt ? self-conscience. Guilty is the opposite of Free and it comes as a result of not facing your errors and finding acceptance. Until there is acceptance and the energy of forgiveness, there is no moving forward. And so we have been stuck in the past, living in the realm where the Tree of Knowledge?s shade refracts and reflects the Tree of Life?s AllGood rays into Good and Bad.

And what are those rays really?

What are those two times?

The time of the Past and the Time of Forwardness. Being a balance between good and bad, we have both of those times within us. We are encoded with it.

Cut out of conclusion

It was wrong because to disobey the Will of Love is to resist Love, to do outside of Love. To do outside of Love is not very nice. We forget our true nature, we suffer and many people get hurt as a result. We must face this, find the acceptance and forgive ourselves to grasp the paradox and feel the peace. Do not run from the fear of what this implies. It was not meant to be to disobey the Will of God and to adopt the Serpent consciousness. Let yourself see this. The bottom line point is that we wish to return to Love and absolute ecstasy of Being. We are not here now, which means that we are still holding on in ways which are disharmonious and controlling. Thus to embrace this truth and find acceptance is to release the past, guilt and running from seeing the errors of our ways.

In order to be back within the Garden of Eden (which is only to be ourselves, fully and completely with no resistance to being) then we see there is No wrong in being ourselves. In fact, the whole concept of wrong is just a delusion caused by the Tree of Knowledge reality.


Miscellaneous CUT OUT's

How do you know what you want to be?

Having lived a mental existence for so long, it can become difficult to feel what it is that we truly want to do. The answer lies in understanding the difference between choosing what you want or running from a fear. True intention = desire from the heart. If the intention is coming from a place of control, fear or selfish desire, then we can say that this is not a true intention for it comes from a desire based within an illusion. The path of the heart is often guarded by many fears, so to choose from our heartfelt desire, we must confront our fears. We must face all the things that we have hidden behind through the years. It is usually a safe bet to say that where there is a fear, through that is my true heartfelt choice ? through that challenge of facing my fear, I will find my peace. Generally speaking, when we choose to run from fears, we tend to live in a comfort zone. These fear-based choices are not as exhilarating as the choices coming from the heart that challenge all fear. For example, if we are afraid of getting emotionally hurt, we will avoid being in a relationship. It will feel comfortable for us to be alone because it is outside of the realm wherein our fears lie. If we fear failure and we wish to run from that fear, we will choose to do something that is absolutely safe from failure, something that is no challenge at all. This is a comfort zone.

Once the fears are confronted, their power of illusion over us is nullified. We will likely not choose them back to limit us, for in confront them we are able to see that it is not necessary to believe them at all. After we confront them, what really liberates us is in seeing that we do not want to believe that to be true. We were really only holding onto the beliefs because we thought we had to.

If a belief is a part of the Truth, and one has complete faith that it is real, then why be afraid to let it go? We have such a tendency to hold onto our beliefs as if they will run away, leaving us stranded, alone and powerless without them, or as if we are betraying something to let them go. We clutch them close to ourselves as if letting them go would be letting a part of us go. But really behind this, we hold onto them because we are afraid that if we let go we will see that they really aren?t as important as we thought. Strange, aren?t we?

Some people?s desire is not based in their true desire of the heart (Love), but based in a need for control, power or greed. In seeing the freedom that we all truly do have, one can worry about how some people will take the understanding that we are all really free to follow the will of our hearts. One must feel the wisdom in having faith and in letting others choose for themselves. You cannot worry about another?s choices. If you know that there are others who do not have good intentions for you, one must take action to be prepared. It doesn?t get you anywhere to worry about what other people will choose. Rather, trust in others and understand that those who will err, will err.

[Fifth Circle - CaN #3 - I do not deny anyone's right to Be

I do not judge how someone is, for such would be saying that how they are is Bad. This negates them and denies their right to existence. My will is not greater than any other's will on Earth. I have the same will, because we were all granted the gift of choice and we were all created by God. I always respect another's choice, for it is their choice. I give up the need to make choices for others. I give up the need to have power over or control over any other. I let people be free to choose for themselves as they would like. I let people be free to be as they are.

The balance is that I may always say how I feel and it doesn't mean that conflicts never arise with people. I do what I love to do, and I let people do what they love to do. I simply do not impose my will over another if we differ, but I always allow myself to create what I love and to speak up for what I wish to be true.]

We also don?t really have to worry about others because when we do something that is outside of Love, the Universe has a natural law that comes into play. It is the law that says ?As you do unto others, so will it be brought back upon you.? This is true both for acts of love and kindness and acts of control and destruction. It is not God punishing us for the ills we have caused another. It is our own conscience that develops a hollow void from the ugly action or word. It is our mind bringing to us what we believe to be reality. So if we are doing something to others, surely it must be ok if they would do that to us? If it is something that we do not want, then we must make changes in our ways. This law is an unwritten agreement that we have with the Universe. So long as we are making those ugly choices, we still haven?t gotten the message and therefore, we will manifest something negative so that we can learn to overcome the need to destroy, hurt or control.

More Miscellaneous cuttings

It?s like this ? You don?t know who you are. You just are a part of the Creator?s Ocean, undistinguishable from the rest of the water. Then you get the opportunity to see yourself as a drop ? you get the awareness of who you are as an individual. In doing so, you get a little fixated on this part of your identity, so you?re really not experiencing the fullness of who you are. It is when you remember you are part of the whole that you get the full experience of who you are.

There was a great feeling of falling deeply inward, and then Adam and Eve woke up with their physical eyes open. They woke up to think they were somewhere else. They didn?t realize it wasn?t somewhere else, it was right here, where they had always been, within the Garden!

When you give up the need to try, the need to be in control, The Creator, The Source, through you and as you, is the doer. The separation that we know in individuality does not apply. The Creator is not separate from us as the Will comes through, thus we do not have to toil all by ourselves. You become the experience of the dream.

Cut out From Cutting to the Chase Exercise part I

When you are meditating and reaching wonderful levels of surrender and Love, if you say to yourself ?look what I am doing? this is a form of doubt and it will act as a resistance. When you examine it from a rational point of view and say ?look what I am doing?, this separates you from the act and thus it is your doubled self speaking, which is doubtful and resistant.

Infinity is undefined. What is undefined? It doesn?t mean a thing.

Exercise 1d: this is an adjunct to Exercise 1c - they go hand in hand.

It doesn?t really matter ?

Except for Love, all else doesn?t matter and thus, let it be, let it go. Even Love doesn?t matter because it is, whether you like it or not. Things really only matter when you are attached to a certain outcome based in need or fear. Detach yourself from need, fear and from bottomless-pit desire, then your true heart?s desire can be made manifest.

Exercise 1e ? This exercise, like exercise 1c and 1d is an exercise in awareness. Stay with the exercise until you can touch with the Truth of it.

It?s ALLGoodLove: Everything around you and within you is good and its love. There is really nothing that isn?t good loving, just things that you believed weren?t good. How big can you make the ALLGood? How much can the All encompass for you within the World? This is the most powerful exercise for it encompasses within it all the others. This exercise does not mean that you should ignore or run from negativity and fears. It is not unbalanced positive. It means that you can face those negativities and fears because it?s Allgood.

It?s AllGoodloving so there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to worry about, there is nothing to hurry about.

When you feel the Truth that it?s AllGoodLove, you will then see the difference between this Truth and the unbalanced positivethat says ?it?s AllGood, everything is Ok? yet really there is fear of facing the negativity and the overly positive attitude is a reaction in the very opposite extreme, running from that fear. When you know clearly and absolutely that it?s AllGoodLove, you see everything that is there and you know it?s ok.

CUTOUT from The Three Major Delusions

And therefore in such a realm where there is no Good, there is also no Bad. For what is Bad, if there is no established Good? Therefore, there is no Good and Bad.

Does it limit the size of the IS and the I AM to think that God created us to be something (like a fantastic guitarist, or a super sports trainer, or anything)?

Yes and no. First of all, yes, it does limit it. You do not have any responsibility to hold onto the knowledge of who you are, for that is revealed to you in every new moment by how you would love to be. So it might not be such a great idea to believe that you are what you do. You Do what you Are. And this is not something you need to know anything about. It bubbles naturally from within you.

I do not need to know who I am. ? 7th Circle CaN #1. I AM that I AM. I AM how I LOVE to be. What I LOVE to be, I AM.

It also does not limit the size of your I AM to know that you were created to be something, because there are infinite ways of your being that something that are all unique. How you dance, sing and talk, how you walk and laugh and speak are all unique.



There is a wonderful paradox that comes to be when you cross the threshold and it is that you will feel absolutely alone while feeling like you are never, nor will you ever be, alone again.

The way you will feel alone is such a relief, such a peaceful feeling, because you will no longer feel or hear the whispering of your challenging self. When you remove this self from your self, you will feel alone for the first time in a way that brings such joy because you are finally One. You are whole instead of split and halved. Your heart is at peace. It is no longer in pieces, torn between two wills, one telling it to feel what the other forbids. Oh joy of joys. You will rediscover the brilliance of being alone and the great sense of self that is within. And of course, you finally feel as if you are never alone for you are One with all of creation.]]] where to put???

According to a Native American saying; ?The eye of the heart does not see right and wrong.?


subject we never left the garden ? 

These mundane moments (mundane meaning ?down to earth? as in the French ?mondiale?) when one looks back at them in the flash of their life before their eyes, sees how special each and every moment is/was ? which was the wonderful message from the movie ?American Beauty? in which Kevin Spacey?s role demonstrated so well how we might break free from the confines that we have placed upon our selves in making ourselves miserable.

Each one of us is a cell in the great body of planet earth and what we all believe to be true, we create as a collective bunch of cells. (See Figure 12b) To date, we haven?t been even remotely aware of the power that this vibration has on the Universe. It is keeping us all in a world where in totality, it has been easy to see the belief that we are separate from each other and from the Garden carried out everywhere in our world. It is easy to see the projection of this collective belief system in the way we hurt each other and try to control each other. We have let things go so far from the essence of who we truly are. Now, it is the time to open our true eyes and ears to the Song and Sight of the Universe beyond our duels and fighting? for therein, we are back within our undivided attention.

When we all see the Truth collectively, we will raise the vibration on the planet so quickly that we will all be borne upon the wings of eagles, as in the way we got here in the first place. (Exo 19:4) Yes, the wings did break, ?well, we chose it so.

The balance with the Truth that we never left the Garden is that we have forgotten that we are in the Garden. So we haven?t yet fully returned. When we live believing in duality and believing in duality, the belief systems are truly acting on our energetic systems to resist the flow of energy in us.

As we shed the beliefs, we are getting closer and closer to this point where we can truly exist again as a people in the harmony of the Universe and the Ganallisone. It is not so far off as we might think. Allow yourself to realize that it takes a very small percentage of the planet vibrating in this unconditional way to begin affecting the entire earth. The Nine have suggested that it will be something like the ?100th monkey effect?. We have heard it also described as a critical mass. Maharishi has said the square root of 1% of the population. I do not know if this is the number, but I pray that it is something very small, so that we can stop torturing and killing each other and so we can fulfill our promise to ourselves. It is likely much smaller than 1% of the population, perhaps closer to the number of eggs one tends to buy at the supermarket, provided they are not shopping for Arnold Swartzenaeger.


'Wow! It is true. It is true. It is already there, and always has been. It is the Will of the Divine, of which I am a part. I have just forgotten which has allowed me to make challenging choices, otherwise, there would never have been any challenge to choose. I would just have been so clear and centered in who I really am without doubt, there couldn?t have been a choice. And those choices that I have made within the past to hold on to or judge or not to be, have caused me to block off my true feelings and this is how I come to forget? the FEELING of it all. But oh, as I remember in the feeling, then I see, there is nothing I have to try so hard for and of course, nothing I need to resist as if it is something bad or something I should try to control.

So I see I do not have to try so much or so hard anymore. Nor must I be on the lookout. I can just be relaxed and let the Wonder enter within me and give me that glow within my eyes that helps me see the Awe in the Universe and the Awe for another, for I feel the wonder within myself.

I see how sacred it is for someone to show their Love completely and to totally be themselves.

I am no longer afraid of what others might think. I see that it is not some big deal how much I have to share inside as if others don't have the same or as if it is something shocking to them. This has only led me to resist being myself, having these thoughts of separation. I take that part of my mind that is glued to what others think and feels responsible to keep others happy and I dissolve it. I put it on the ever-growing ?it doesn?t matter pile?. I see how I cannot be responsible for what others think for then I am not honouring the choices they have to make for themselves. At last, I am free to be who I am. I can love as much as I wish to and be myself within that as well. I can feel it is here. It is the Golden Glow.?


When you are in the Zone of Golden Glow, which is the Zone of Cold, you are enveloped by your Merkaba vehicle. The Merkaba surrounds you, creating a Balanced Positive field where you stand in this world yet are not of this world. (See Figure 55). This converts your reality around you into seeing and knowing that where you are, despite where everyone else might still be, is the Garden of Eden. It is the Holiest of Holies. It is the Chamber of Unconditional Love.

When you approach this place, you might get little internal shivers (that could possibly get more than little), and the muscles in your hands and feet might contract. You are nearing a very deep layer, which has a very close connection with God, and possibly one of the most difficult places of letting go. And it is amazing, because the most difficult places of letting go are usually the places of largest release into freedom! How does one do it? How does one go from a prison into freedom?

Like the slip of a sigh through a crack down a slope.


from Genetics and Predisposition part II in Book 2

?And in the morning you will see the glory of Yehova, that He has heard your complaints against Yehova-- for what are we that you should incite complaints against us?":

and Moses said, "When, in the evening, Yehova gives you meat to eat and bread to satiety in the morning, as Yehova hears your complaints that you complain against Him -- for what are we? -- not against us are your complaints, but against Yehova!? Exo 16:7-8

Look closely upon this. For it speaks of doubles. One is your true self that you speak against. One is your other half that is the speaker of complaints.

The head of the Civilization of Love, is the same as Jehova. The Yod h can be silent too. When it is written as such it is vuv ? it is Hoova.


Also, many people will challenge you as you go for the gold, for in going forward, you leave them behind. Many people don?t like that, they?d be happier if you just hung out with them in the comfort zone. Your movement in forwardness automatically challenges them in the space where they are. I just wish people would be stronger to resist the temptation to play ?devil?s advocate? toward someone who is going for the gold. It doesn?t serve to play devil?s advocate. It is just a waste of time and it can confuse someone going for it, making it difficult for them, especially if they love you and care about what you have to say. Because of the resistance and challenging of other people, it has added to the difficulty of the journey through the years and centuries.

The physical body trampled and beaten, hung, shot, gassed. The heart torn and often just because of going for the gold or possessing it within. Like the Chinese have done to the Tibetans, and men to women: Those who possess the Light become the targets for the extreme of the devil?s advocate (opposing energies). The Hoovids have also been targeted for this reason.


This point cannot be emphasized enough. New-age spiritual philosophy tends to be very nice and happy stuff. And so is the true nature of the Universe. Yet there can be a tendency toward apathy within a philosophy that allows everything to be without taking responsibility toward creating it so. Every person on this planet who is not within Ehye Usher Ehye consciousness (and that is everyone) has fears and issues. That is an incontestable fact. Many people are not even aware of these fears as being something that they need to face. Many others who are aware of them, find many reasons and excuses why they will face those fears later, when I am ready, not now. Or they adopt the attitude ?I will face the fears when the time is right? and they wait 20 years and then something happens that makes them face the fears and they say ?it was meant to be?. This is not entirely true. You make it happen by allowishing it to happen, now.

For that small percentage of people who are entering within the deepest issues they hold within (which is likely collective issues) they are carrying a very heavy burden. Because of the small percentage of people who have committed themselves to this degree, the weight is very heavy. Like the slaves who carry the King and Queen?s caravan on their shoulders, the more carriers, the lighter the load for each one. This is something that we all must face, cause we are in it together.

There is another way that we can look at it. So long as we exist within this duality consciousness, there will be people suffering at the hands of other people. And if you are healing yourself, entering within the pain and separation deep inside of yourself to come to be a more whole, loving person, as you come into deeper vibrations of Love, you are lightening the load for the entire planet by your share. You are bringing it all closer to the day we will collectively live within a sea of Love. In addition to that, in your state of Love and grace, you are touching all those people who cross your path with that Love, and you are planting seeds that will sprout within them.

If you are hanging out in your comfort zone avoiding your fears and issues, which anyone can do practically perpetually, you are not manifesting your highest way of Being. More importantly, you are not taking your share of the responsibility toward your fellow brothers and sisters. We are all responsible for what everyone does to everyone else, even if it is in another country, another continent. We are part of an invisible network that is always in effect. All it takes is one person to begin the process by punching a whole in duality and letting it all come together, and then the rest will follow like wildfire. There could be someone very capable of crossing the threshold who is hovering out there in unbalanced positive, saying things like ?all in its own time?. This kind of nabulous attitude is based in fear, not in Love. Love can push a little with a will that is still aligned with allow. Even when you?re meditating and you might be stuck in some suppression/resistance energies, one can push a little with the hara will, which is a will to face things. This is not the same thing as trying. It is pushing with the Will to Allow, effortless effort. Yet it is a will, just as when you connect with feeling, it is a will that you can allowish to do it more.


Homeopathic alchemy can be well suited as a method of self-prescribing. It can be a great method to help those light workers clear the different patterns of negativity from their being, bringing themselves toward pure Beingness. There are many judgments about self-prescribing. After having done if for the past four years, I see that all these beliefs and judgments about self-prescribing are not necessarily true. It is, however, a very difficult method, requiring a lot of discipline and balance, or you can get insane with trying to determine what remedy state you are in. I definitely don?t recommend it to anyone. More for a person who has knowledge of homeopathy, who is sensitive, willing to see what is really there and who doesn?t need to adhere to too many belief systems of the classical method.


When Adam and Eve are one within us, we are not trapped in the magnetic field because the two energies are in perfect coordinated harmony, such that there is a magnetic neutral of Balanced Positive. This magnetic neutral has no resistance within it, it is a pure Being, and thus it is beyond the gravitational influence of the Earth.

But when the energies became separated, because of the splitting of Adam and Eve within us, it led to the ?unbalanced negative? being thrown up into the air, out of the body and the ?unbalanced positive? getting disconnected from the mind. And as they stretched out in dualities, their polarities became more opposing. This created the magnetic attraction and stuckness. The attraction because they are opposites and they belong as One, so they are always seeking that communion. It is stuckness because they are attached to each other in need. There isn?t freedom within this sort of attraction. It is binding and controlling. Alchemically speaking, this separation of the poles of the male and female began the creation of the spin of the earth which then got faster and faster? it was scary, yes, as the world spun round and round as if down a drain pipe and through that long black hole to come out here? on the other/reverse side where there are two poles in separation. One is held onto the past (rational) and the other, to the time of Forwardness.


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